5 DIY Jobs for a Rainy Day

At the end of a heatwave usually arrives torrential rain, and although the suns come back out today, it’s not going to be long before once again we have what seems like monsoon rain falling down upon us. But when it rains do you make the most of being trapped inside your home, or do you forget about all of the improvements you could be making and hide away under the covers until the clouds have passed? Well if the latter sounds like you, then read on for 5 DIY jobs to improve your home for when it begins to pour.


Tip 1 Icon Home Fixtures

A great place to start is with those fixtures and fittings around your home that are looking warn and untidy. From replacing lightshades and curtain rails to fitting new taps, showerheads and beyond will freshen up your home quickly and easily if you have a right tools to hand. Further beatifications can be made by updating old brass door handles for modern chrome door handles or replacing kitchen cupboard handles for those that are a little more sheikh.


Tip 2 Icon Colour is Key

Making the most of your interior walls, using them as focal points and stunning backdrops is something only few of us think about, and even fewer of us do. But when it rains, it gives you the opportunity to make a visual statement on your wall using either colourful paints, wallpaper, artwork, photographs or even a collection of materials. Try hanging new artwork and photos or colourfully decorating the key wall within your room.


Tip 3 Icon Tidy Tiling

Fitting new mosaic tiles to the splashback behind your kitchen worktop, surrounding the cooker and sink or even adding them as a cover to a side table is an easy DIY job which brings instant transformation to the appearance of your kitchen space. Perfect for a rainy day, mosaic tiles are often small half inch or inch squares on webbed backing, making them super easy to fit with tile adhesive and grout.


Tip 4 Icon Harmonise your Home

You may not consider it to be DIY although you do, do it yourself! Feng Shui is perfect for wet days and doesn’t only change the appearance of your room but balances the energies and harmonises your home. It’s easy and rewarding and doesn’t cost a thing unless you want it to. There’s many steps to practice, start with simply tidying away clutter, repositioning and even remove pieces of furniture from the room that are no longer used to create open spaces, before working to colour coordinate your rooms using existing or new items of furniture and décor with a similar colour scheme.


Tip 5 Icon Keep it Watertight

If you’ve only got an hour and must soon venture out regardless of whether its stopped raining or not, then replacing old silicone sealant around your sink, shower tray or bathtub is a quick and easy DIY job that not only improves the appearance of your bathroom but reduces the chance of water damage to the surrounding areas.


Now that you’ve worked your way through the DIY jobs for a rainy day, hopefully the suns back out and you can make your way back into the garden and start work on maintaining your garden decking.