3 Homely Winter Trends to Try

Looking for some fashion-forward winter trends to try this season? According to House Beautiful, this year it’s all about colour, comfort and cosy vibes with an emphasis on berry tones, peacock blue and black kitchens! Keep reading for our ideas on how to feature these delightfully spectacular shades in your home!


Peacock Blue


This shade of blue is strong, powerful and ever so divine. Whether you’re styling your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room, there’s plenty of ways to incorporate this majestic shade of blue. It can be featured in furniture, decorative accessories or wall paint as a two-tone feature wall. If painting a wall, pair this opulent shade of blue with millennial pink and add a splash of mustard into the mix with cushion covers, throws or tableware.


To break up the powerful peacock blue shade, add a few deeper shades of blue to create a curated style within your interior. Feature the deeper blue shade within your curtains, tableware (think bowls and plates) or within soft furnishing patterns.


Peacock blue seriously suits darker wood toned furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets and bed frames. For a pop of drama, feature matte black elements in your furniture, home accessories and door hardware. We offer an exclusive range of pieces in a matte black finish, from door handles to hinges, cupboard handles to toilet roll holders. Getting trendy has never been so easy!



Black Kitchens


Gothic hues emerged last year as a must-have in home interiors and where better to feature this daring shade than in the kitchen. Leisha Norman, Designer at Harvey Jones, explains: 'For 2020, we are seeing a lot of bold cabinetry colours – people seem to be braver than they used to…”


Black adds an element of sophistication and depth to a space whilst injecting a high-end and luxurious feel. Depending on your preferred aesthetic, showcase either a glossy or lustreless matte black finish in your black kitchen cabinetry. The darker colour scheme can be lightened up with statement metallic ironmongery and well-positioned lighting. Infuse depth and drama by choosing to feature black on black on black! Match black appliances to your black kitchen cabinetry and feature matte black kitchen cabinet handles for a truly striking effect!


With a variety of styles available, choosing stylish cupboard handles couldn’t be easier. If you prefer the metallic shine of polished chrome or the warm hue of copper or brass, then check out our range of kitchen cupboard handles. From D-Shaped and T-Bar to Curved and Designer, there’s a style suitable for every home interior.


Berry Tones


Now this sounds festive! A home owners favourite with cocooning qualities, this autumn/winter trend takes inspiration from the various berry colours. The berry palette includes cherry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry… sound delicious right? These rich red, purple and pink tones work perfectly all year round and should be styled accordingly with seasons in mind. Simply, thin textures out in warmer seasons and insulate more when temperatures drop. Stay chic during frosty months by padding your home with cosy textured rugs, cushions and throws.


If you’re looking to style with berry shades, then you should consider complementing the palette with additional strong contrasting colours. Pair berry tones with neutral walls, black embellishments and dark wood tones. Blending colours, textures and pattern will help create an interesting and contemporary looking scheme. Fuel drama with matte black or shine bright with gold, brass, copper and silver embellishments!


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blogs and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!