3 Ideas for a DIY Man Cave

A man cave at home is every mans dream! When you want to get away from the outside world and chill out with beer, pizza and TV; nothing beats your own personal hideaway.


Growing up, your bedroom was your man cave to relax in and it probably featured your favourite posters, sports, band or car memorabilia. When you move in with a partner, it may feel strange to compromise on all the feminine elements that tag along. From floral prints to throw pillows, blankets and sparkly décor, it’s time to take back your own personal space with our 3 ideas for a DIY man cave!


Make use of a spare room, garage, outbuilding or loft space by turning it into a hideaway fit for a gentleman. Firstly, decide what sort of space you’re looking to create, whether that be a home office, games room or bar. The size of the room and function of the space will help determine what furniture, features and decorative accessories you choose.


Tip 1 IconTV and Games Room

A man cave doesn’t necessarily need to be dark and dingey, although it’s important to have the option to block out natural lighting to avoid light rays on the TV screen. If an intimate, cinema effect is desired then you may want to follow a moody colour scheme by painting all four walls with a dark colour such as black or dark grey. If you’re working with a smaller sized room, then paint only one wall with a dark shade to avoid visually shrinking the space.


Masculine shades rely heavily on darker colours such as brown, red and black and should be accessorised with neutral shades of beige, tan and metallics. These shades look fantastic when styled with brick walls, wood, concrete, stainless steel and other industrial materials. Leather is also a seriously popular material for game room furniture and looks fantastic in either tan or black. Leather is also convenient for drink spills and it tends to suit a bit of visual wear and tear.


If you’re expecting guests in your entertainment hub, then pair a long leather sofa with a matching armchair and footrest to kick back in front of your TV. Place industrial style metal side tables at either end of the sofa to hold your drinks and snacks! Match a metal frame side table with stainless steel door handles for an ultra-modern aesthetic. Industrial style bulbs and geometric lights work incredibly well in masculine interiors.


Set up a mini fridge in the corner of the room to keep your drinks cool and place quirky coasters on the side tables with bottle openers at a close reach. If you’ve got the space, place either a pool table or foosball table in your man cave and decorate the walls with your favourite framed film posters, sports, music or car collectables.


Tip 2 IconHome Bar

There’s nothing cooler than your very own bar, especially when you love to entertain at home. Stocking your home bar with a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to offer your guests is a failproof way to impress! A bar counter and stools are a key focus and essential part of a home bar which requires a balance of function, comfort and aesthetic. Classic metal finish stools offer an industrial appearance as they complement any interior colour palette with their metallic sheen.


Stock your man cave bar with all sorts of alcohol and display the bottles on shelves so that you and your guests can see them. Alternatively, you can stock your drink bottles in wooden cabinets. A wine glass rack offers a touch of elegance in home bars as it holds glasses by the stem. For the perfect vintage home bar lighting, choose soft and warm lights that create a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Black candles offer a warm glow to create the ideal ambience for a few social whiskeys while industrial lamps hung from the ceiling over the counter offer an authentic look.


If you want something just that little bit different, spice up your home bar interior by featuring varied shades of aubergine purple, midnight blue and emerald green to achieve a sultry yet luxe aesthetic.


There’s more to a home bar than spirits and beer (or at least some would argue) so, hang a dart board on the wall and if space permits, get a poker table for a late night game with your pals.


Keep children at bay by installing an internal door lock. If your man cave bar resides in an outbuilding, then a night latch front door lock is ideal. Available in either polished chrome, polished brass or grey finish, the nightlatch is supplied with two keys and features a hold back button to prevent the door locking when guests are walking in and out. This type of lock also provides deadlocking functionality which improves the security of your external door overnight.



Tip 3 IconHome Office

A man cave home office should be practical, smart and inspiring. It needs to offer function with lighting, space and equipment so you can hideout and get your work done in peace. This room doesn’t need to be plain and boring to keep you focussed on work, in fact, studies suggest that colour psychology in your work space can help enable productivity and creativity levels. Just avoid white walls as the clinical look can have you feeling passionless!


Place a desk and comfortable chair in your man cave office and maximise on natural lighting by installing neutral coloured curtains or white roller blinds for a modern appeal. Opt for plenty of storage solutions to hold all your files, books and important documents. A luxury home office can offer a masculine demeanour with lots of dark features, straight lines and contemporary decorative accessories.


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