3 Rooms in Need of Light Wood Floors

When carrying out refurb work, homeowners tend to contemplate what colour will best suit the walls, painting a variety of small patches in line then standing back to visualise how each shade will appear.


It’s a tedious and agonising task, selecting the perfect cool or warm tone then scrutinizing it further. Yes, it’s a necessary task but it’s time to look at the bigger picture, the flooring is just as important as the walls!


Consider the floors from the outset and determine what flooring option is suitable for your aesthetic and practical needs. Interior design enthusiasts are favouring light wood flooring to heavy darker tones which isn’t too surprising as lighter shades create larger, more airy spaces.


Decorating around light wood floors can be a challenge as rooms can end up looking flat and uninspired. However, with these few tips you can create your interior vision with assurance that the overall look will be interesting and stimulate your senses!


Tip 1 IconHallways

The hallway is usually the first internal space that you and your guests walk into so consider making that entrance a delightful and inviting experience. Wood effect laminate flooring is a great option for hallways, it’s durable and easy to clean making it a practical choice for those with children and pets!


Consider the tones and colours of your interior. Traditionally, darker colours have been incorporated to induce a cosy vibe to a space, but it’s still viable to create a warm, welcoming aesthetic with light wood floors too. Blue-toned grey flooring will ensure coolness within a space whilst cool tone brown floors can add an essence of warmth without appearing dark and heavy.


If you feel as though the light wood floors and pale wall paint is appearing rather bland, add some visual depth with textured furnishings such as textured photo frames, a patterned or sheepskin rug and a protruding wall mirror. Choose a variety of metal finishes and colours to create extra interest within your interior.




Tip 2 IconLiving Room

The great thing about light wood floors in lounge areas is the versatile advantage, allowing you to input your own personal style. Reflect the light with floor shades of birch, beachy white and light oak, then decorate however you wish!


For a cohesive overall look, pay close attention to the undertones of your floors and coordinate your decorative pieces to complement these tones. Pastel shades of pink, peach and blue appear effortless whilst dark purples with varied grey tones and patterns look striking.


Establish warmth by adding texture in cushions, throws, footstalls and pouffes. A coffee table with an assortment of decorative items will add to the visual depth. Opt for a mirrored metallic tray and place a selection of candlesticks, varying in height and thickness, with cream coloured candles. Get creative with your light fixtures and choose a statement design as a focal point for your living room.


Showcase your personality by incorporating statements pieces into your living space. For the quirky and artistic homeowner, choose bold style door handles such as the wave shaped lever on rose in brushed chrome or charismatic matte black knurled door handles for an industrial feel.


When seasons change from winter to summer, you may choose to store away the textured throws and replace the cosy accents with flourishing plants and flowers. Regardless of season or atmosphere, light wood flooring should have you feeling confident, transitioning from cosy to cool and casual to luxurious, without relinquishing comfort!



Tip 3 IconKitchen

Gone are the days when cold tiles dominate the kitchen floor. Maximise your space by installing light hardwood floors in your chosen shade and pair with white marble countertops and dark grey cabinets for a truly stylish and modern aesthetic. Alternatively, you can add depth with other dark colours for kitchen cabinets and drawers. This may include black, forest green and dark blue for a truly daring and dramatic effect.


Polished chrome cupboard handles will appear tremendously eye-catching against the darker shades whilst reflecting light from the light wood flooring and white marble counters. The sleek modern designer kitchen cabinet handles will have your guests admiring your interior style!


We hope to inspire your refurb projects and showcase a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. For more interior inspiration, check out our previous blog 3 Rooms in Need of Living Coral!.