3 Rooms in Need of Living Coral and Matte Black

In celebration of Pantone's 2019 Colour of the Year announcement, we warmly welcome Living Coral; an energizing coral hue with a golden undertone. Every year, the colour forecasters at Pantone choose and announce the colour which they believe will be hugely popular. This year we will embrace the vibrant coral hue, connoting the attitude of optimism and feelings of cheerfulness; a mentality which many desire heading in to the new year.


Home redecorating projects may not be your priority, however there are various cost-effective ways to update your home interior style without spending a fortune. In this blog, we will suggest a few examples of how to incorporate this year's Living Coral and the colour partner which will complement and highlight your interior features.


Tip 1 IconWhere to Start

Depending on your initial budget, there are a number of ways that you can update the interior style of your home. From larger features such as sofas and wallpaper to smaller soft furnishings such as rugs and pillows; an option for all budgets exists. Due to its visual attributes, Pinterest offers consumers an enormous amount of inspiration and can provide home owners with some ideas for their interior updates. After having determined whether the changes that you want to implement are large or small, you can then start browsing for the materials, furnishings and décor items to purchase.


When we think of coral hues we immediately consider the Great Barrier Reef and the explosion of bright beautiful coral colours in the ocean. However, the interpretation of this style differs to the nautical theme which may come to mind! Living Coral is a striking colour which requires the perfect colour component to emphasise the effect it has within an interior. According to Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair's Resident Style Advisor, dark hues, such as matte black, seamlessly complements the Living Coral colour. Subtle changes have the power to transform an interior space, and whether you have decided to implement drastic or minor style updates, you can also incorporate traits of matte black. Hardware features including door handles, hinges and coat hooks can often be overlooked, however their aesthetic impact is mighty, and their integration is cost effective for all budgets.


Tip 2 IconIncorporate this Year’s Colour

Revitalise your living space with 2019’s colour of the year paired with matte black fittings to create a joyful, stylishly social and engaging environment for your family and friends to enjoy! The main living space in your home is a good starting focus and whether that be your lounge area or kitchen, there are products available to spruce up your interior style.


For the kitchen area you can subtly incorporate accents of Living Coral in the form of patterned vases and window blinds. You may also like to update your mugs and crockery sets by conforming to the Living Coral hue to create colour theme continuity throughout the kitchen. By adding matte black drawer handles or knurled cabinet handles, you can emphasise the impact of the Living Coral. It’s the small changes which will have your friends and family complimenting your interior styling!



For your living room, you may consider implementing Living Coral either as a block colour or patterned in both large and soft furnishings. This includes sofas, curtains, rugs and sofa cushions. For smaller decorative items you may wish to include framed wall prints, candles and plant vases. All of these features pair impeccably with matte black fittings such as door handles, key hole escutcheons and even antique door numbers for the front door as your Living Coral curtains will be seen from your home exterior. The colour theme radiates a welcoming warmth with stylish accents of matte black.


If you would prefer to start off with small interior updates, your bathroom is a great place to begin. Accents of Living Coral can be embellished into the room by incorporating colour themed toothbrush holders, mirror frames, soap dishes and toilet brush holders. To emphasise the effect of the vibrant coral hue, you can then introduce fittings such as a matte black toilet roll holder, door handles, hinges and cabinet handles for your bathroom cabinets. Imagine waking up every morning to clean your teeth and stepping into a space which immediately brightens your mood and sets you up for optimism!


Tip 3 IconOur Thoughts…

We understand that your environment can greatly affect your mood, productivity and wellbeing and so to help maintain this, we offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. Will you be incorporating Living Coral and Matte Black into your home?