3 Solutions for Styling a Small Bedroom

Do you ever feel claustrophobic in your bedroom? As if there just isn’t enough space for you let alone all your worldly possessions. Do you start piling clothes onto the end of your bed or end up loosing items amongst the sea of clutter?


Let go of the tension and say goodbye to the clutter by following our 3 solutions for styling a small bedroom, a guide towards making the most of your limited space!


Tip 1 IconStorage Ideas

Storage areas in smaller chambers are usually scarce and boxes tend to clutter walkways, adding to the contents of the bedroom. There are several ways to maximise clearance without compromising space or style!


Storage beds are a fantastic solution for stowing away items such as fresh bedding and clean towels. For a narrow bedroom, opt for a side-lifting ottoman bed frame as opposed to one that features side opening drawers. This design will enable easy access to storage items without trading-off the surrounding space.


For items of clothing, place a self-adhesive four peg coat hook to the internal side of your bedroom or wardrobe door as a convenient solution for hanging coats, dressing gowns and other items such as scarfs, hats and handbags. The matte black finish presents a luxury aesthetic in contemporary interiors whereas the highly reflective polished stainless steel finish appears bright in light, airy environments.




Tip 2 IconIllusion of Space

A fantastic way to maximise space within a smaller bedroom is to follow the minimalist style, keeping décor neutral and simple by opting for light block shades such as white and soft beige for the walls, floor and bedding. Choose window blinds in a cohesive pale hue, keeping them open during daylight hours to flood the room with natural light.


Exaggerate the effect of bright, natural light with mirrors. Large wall mirrors will reflect light from the window, creating a larger and brighter environment. When occupied, the bedroom door is usually closed, making it a perfect surface for installing a full-length mirror.


Consider placing mirrors inside of the wardrobe as the reflective surface will brighten the interior, assisting visibility inside. Choose mirrors with slim, light metallic boarders over framed wall art as this will assist to visually expand petite interiors.


Select slimline cabinet handles, such as the bow cabinet handles, for drawers and cabinets as they appear dainty and elegant on furniture. A reflective polished chrome finish will maintain brightness in the room whilst feeling light and delicate in the hand.



Tip 3 IconOrganised Wardrobes

Piling everything into the wardrobe is never a good idea. It makes choosing an outfit challenging and can often spark an unnecessary spending spree as you forget what you already own. Whilst you visually struggle to see past the jumble, overflowing wardrobes can also cause ironed clothing to become creased, resulting in wasted time re-ironing the garments. Who has time for that?


If it’s clothing that fills the wardrobe, consider having a clear out. Determine the items that you wish to keep, throw and donate by separating the piles and placing the garments within them. Action this activity by truly donating good quality, reusable items and recycle clothing that ceases to provide any value. This may include garments that are stained or showing signs of wear and tear.


If most of your items are keepers, the next step in this process is to access the items and segment them by season. As the season transitions from winter to spring, you can fold the turtle necks and woolly scarfs into a separate pile. This is also applicable for the transition of summer to autumn, however in this case you will be folding shorts and swimwear.


Once the segments are sorted, place the clothing into vacuum storage bags and stow away for the next few months then switch the items around when the season changes.


We hope to inspire your refurb projects and showcase a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. For more interior inspiration on styling a smaller bedroom, check out our previous blog A Guide to Scandinavian Minimalism.