3 Table Decor Ideas for Christmas

It’s Christmas and you’re in charge of hosting the family feast. You have a list longer than your arm of tasks to complete before the Big Day. There’s gift buying, wrapping and food preparation to name just a few! With so much going on its hard to keep up with other crucial Christmas Day tasks and duties, like your Christmas table decorations. But don’t panic, we’re here to make your life easier with our top 3 ideas for chic Christmas table décor. It’s time to get creative without compromising your unique interior style…


Details, details, details.


What upgrades the table from looking bland and uninteresting? It’s all in the details. Be wary though, there’s a very fine line between curated design and visual chaos so it’s important to follow a theme and stick to it.


An easy way to determine a theme for your festive décor is to identify the metallic elements within your interior. Once you’ve done that, you can then highlight these hues in your table decor. Match your kitchen cupboard handles with your dining ware for an effortless pinch of panache. Whether it’s satin nickel, chrome, polished brass, copper or matte black, these distinctive hues are incredibly versatile and can be styled with various colour palettes.


When hosting the annual family get-together, you’ll want to make sure that all your cupboards and drawers operate efficiently as there will be lots of activity in your kitchen. Style other features on your table with your dominant metallics. Consider you knives and forks, Christmas crackers, drink coasters and napkins. If dark is more your thing then simply match your matte black fittings with matte black dining sets.


Centre of Attention Centrepiece


Creating a unique focal point is one of the easiest ways to create an enviable festive Christmas table. Whether your budget be smaller or larger this Christmas, there are so many creative designs to consider for your centrepiece. Traditional centrepieces include Christmas wreaths and candles whereas contemporary styles feature floral and fruity focal points. If silver tones are dominant within your interior, blend traditional and contemporary style by opting for unconventional colours like blue or purple.


A floral centrepiece bouquet doesn’t necessarily require a trip to the expensive florists, simply achieve the fashion-forward look with white roses, glittery silver ribbon, a shallow circular vase and and a mix of sparkly blue and silver baubles. For an extra tip, use artificial flowers and save them for next year. Don’t forget to feature a few pinecones!


Candles are another great centrepiece alternative. Create a cosy atmosphere whilst you tuck into your Christmas dinner with a few sets of tall white candles. Use faux antler candle stands or a gold metal leaf design for extra festive feels.


Table Runners


If time is not on your side this Christmas, then a simple runner might be just the solution for you. Runners offer a great alternative to centrepieces as it takes the hassle away from a busy table. Runners come in all shapes and sizes in an array of different colours and patterns. Match your runner with your dining set and choose a palette that compliments the dominant hue within your interior. For example, if you’re a classic white dish kind of person then opt for a traditional red material runner with green leafy decoration. Or, if you’re after something more extravagant then go all out with candles, baubles, fruit and more!


Whatever you choose to jazz up the Christmas table, we wish you a very merry Christmas!


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