5 Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Bills

It’s Big Energy Saving Week! This is a national campaign to help people cut their energy bills. Who wouldn’t want to save their pennies?


According to Ofgem, the average household spends around £1,254 a year on heating and power. In fact, energy consumption peaks between 6-9pm which is usually when families return home to cook dinner, have baths, enjoy some TV time – all with the lights on! Read on to find our how you can reduce your energy bills with our top five tips!


Tip 1 IconInvest in double glazing

Making home improvements such as a double glazing window installation can help you save money. Double glazing insulates your home from the cold and helps reduce heating bills. If you choose to install uPVC window frames with your new double glazed windows, then it’s important to ensure security to your property with key locking window handles. Match your uPVC window handles with key lock to your window frames by choosing a cohesive finish. Available in either a universal white or deluxe black finish to suit your frames, our UPVC window handles are supplied complete with a key to open, close and lock your windows.


Ensure that your French doors are also double glazed and are complemented with external uPVC door handles. Featuring a contemporary black finish to suit dark hue interiors and additional black accents, we also offer a universal, crisp white finish to suit white frames and light interiors. Our range of uPVC door handles are supplied complete with a spindle and bolt fixings for installation.


Tip 2 IconTurn off standby appliances

It seems quite simple, but many households leave appliances plugged in and turned on at the socket. Whether it’s the TV, kettle, washing machine or phone charger, these little things add to your energy bill. Encourage family members to switch off their appliances after use and if you’re awful at remembering, you could always use timer plugs to schedule a turn off time.


Stainless Steel Letter Plate



Tip 3 IconDraught-proof your property

A cold draught can cause your home to lose heat, which makes it more tempting to turn the heating up during the winter. Prevent this from happening by installing a durable stainless steel letter plate. Our high-quality stainless steel letter plate features an integrated draught excluder and both internal and external plates. Our wide range of stainless steel door furniture and front door furniture makes styling super simple.


 Tip 4 IconInstall a smart thermostat

Smart home technology allows users to control and monitor their connected home devices from apps on their phones and tablets. Smart thermostats assist to keep heating bills down by only warming the rooms you are using. Using artificial intelligence, smart thermostats learn how long it takes to heat your home. Once this data is amalgamated, the smart thermostat can heat up your home to the right temperature at exactly the right time.


Tip 5 IconWash clothes at a lower temperature

Washing clothes at 30 degrees can help reduce your energy usage. With active lifestyles, large families and small washing drums, staying on top of the washing is vital. Reduce the length of your wash cycle and hand wash smaller items.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blogs and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!