Reuse Old Door Knobs

Are you attached to your old door furniture, eager to update your vintage door knobs and handles with something a bit more modern, yet at the same time would like to put your old door furniture to good use? Then keep reading for 5 highly creative ways to reuse and showcase your beautiful vintage door knobs throughout your home.


Bouquet of Door Knobs

Create a flowery bouquet of door knobs arranged within a colourful glass vase. Using non-matching door knobs that are still attached to their spindles although removed from the backplate can produce a successful imitation of a floral arrangement that not only looks great while putting your vintage knobs to good use, but unlike normal bouquets of flowers they won't need watering!

Door Knob Photo Holders

Removed from the backplate and spindle, old door knobs can be turned upside down to use as photo holders or photo clips. Using either shaped wire or a crocodile clip projecting from the spindle hole you can create some attractive photo holders that add character to either the mantelpiece, home desk or wherever you choose.

Necklace Organiser

Fixing old door knobs on to a framed board, can create a beautiful necklace organiser. You will need to remove the door knobs from the spindle and backplate before using an epoxy filler to fill the spindle holes within the doorknob. As the filler is setting position a screw within (screw head first) so that the screw can be used for attachment of the door knobs to the board.

Door knob Curtain Ties

Using vintage door knobs as tiebacks for your curtains adds the perfect touch of elegance to a traditionally furnished country home. Either remove the knob and fill the spindle hole with filler and a screw, or leave the knobs on their backplate to attach them to the wall, draping the curtain behind.

Door knob Towel Hooks

Both attractive and functional along with our favourite is to reuse vintage door handles and knobs as towel or coat hooks. In the right setting, perhaps a country home or ornately furnished bathroom, vintage door knobs on backplate look charming, while keeping damp towels or jackets away from the wall.


There are many more uses for vintage door handles along with ideas for transforming old doors that you can think up, be creative with your thoughts, repurposing old door furniture for functional, fun, characteristic and most certainly green items for home improvement.