5 Most Popular Door Handle Finishes

Updating your internal door handles can instantly upgrade the look of your interior. With so many designs and finishes to choose from, you may be wondering which door handles will fit best in your home. To help you decide which sets to buy, here is a list of our top five most popular door handle finishes.


Tip 1 IconChrome Door Handles

Chrome door handles are the go-to option for many homeowners as the neutral tone exterior suits many modern interior styles. Chrome door handles on rose are particularly popular, due to their minimalist appearance on the surface of the door. Available in either a reflective polished finish or smooth satin sheen, our chrome door handles offer a cohesive aesthetic when fitted with additional chrome fixtures, fittings, and furnishings.


Here’s our most popular Chrome Door Handle on Rose in Duo Finish. The gentle curve on the lever makes this handle a comfortable option that will never look dated.


Tip 2 IconMatte Black Door Handles

Door handles in a matte black finish offer a deluxe aesthetic in contemporary and modern style interiors. Matte black door handles have soared in popularity as homeowners opt for trendy black elements in their light fixtures, furniture pieces and home décor. Our exclusive collection of matte black door furniture is designed to complement one another and features door hinges, latches, locks, keyhole escutcheons and bathroom thumb turns and releases.


Here’s one of our most popular and affordable Matte Black Door Handle on Rose. Designed with a wing shaped lever, this contemporary style door handle is a real eye-catching piece in many fashion-forward homes.


Tip 3 IconCopper Door Handles

Copper accents in home interiors offer a touch of industrial style, which is emphasised by the luxury knurled texture on the circumference of this door knob on backplate. The gorgeous warm tones on our knurled door knob possesses a certain quality and charm which is unique to our exclusive selection of door handles in copper finish.


Here’s one of our most popular door handle pairs in copper finish - Knurled Door Knobs on Backplate with Copper Finish.


Tip 4 IconPolished Stainless Steel Door Handles

Polished stainless steel reflects light and creates the impression of larger, brighter living spaces. Not only does the neutral tone of stainless steel complement every modern interior style, our stainless steel door handles excel in performance, quality, and durability for a long-lasting solution on every internal door at home. Take a look at the versatile and eye catching finish of our polished stainless steel door handles on rose: Polished Stainless Steel Door Handles on Rose.


Tip 5 IconSatin Stainless Steel Door Handles

The finish of satin stainless steel features a subtle sheen which is visually resistant to fingerprint marks and smudging. This low maintenance finish is a seriously popular option for busy households where style and functionality align.


If you are a fan of straight lines and subtle curved contours, check out our Designer Door Handles with 3 Ring Brushed Steel Lever. This attractive yet affordable door handle lever is a popular option for homes with Scandinavian ambience and simplicity.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blogs and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!