5 Most Popular Door Handle Packs

Fitting new doors at home? We’ve got just what you need! For ease of installation, our door handle packs are available in either a latch, bathroom, or backplate lock type. Scroll down for our five most popular door handle packs.


The bathroom packs include a pair of door handles, a bathroom lock mechanism to go inside the door, a matching thumb turn and release and a pair of hinges to hang your door in the frame.


The door handle on backplate lock packs include a pair of door handles on backplate, a key lock mechanism to go inside the door and a pair of matching hinges.


The latch packs include a pair of door handles, a latch mechanism to go inside the door and a pair of hinges.


Each pack is supplied complete with all the fixings and an 8mm spindle for a DIY installation. The bathroom packs also include a 5mm spindle to enable operation of the lock mechanism with the thumb turn and release.


Top Tip: Our bathroom door handle packs with lever on backplate feature the thumb turn and release on the face of the backplate whereas our door handles on rose are supplied with the matching thumb turn and release. If you need only one or two components, these can be purchase separately on our website.


Tip 1 IconInterior Door Handle Packs with Duo Chrome Handles, Latch and Hinges H750021D HL1

Featuring a blend of polished and satin chrome finish, this stunning door handle offers ultimate comfort in hand. The matching bathroom handle pack is suitable for all interior bathroom doors and is particularly striking when fitted in conjunction with additional duo chrome features in fixtures and furnishings.


Tip 2 IconInternal Door Handle Packs with Chrome Handles, Latch and Hinges H750022D HL1

This door handle latch pack is a popular option for embellishing regular doors in any modern interior. Featuring an attractive curved lever on rose design with a long-lasting satin chrome finish. The matching bathroom handle pack is suitable for all interior bathrooms and ensuites.


Tip 3 IconInterior Door Handle Pack with Straight Oval Levers H750026D HL1

This stylish interior door handle pack contains all that you need when fitting new doors or replacing old door furniture. Featuring a solid yet comfortable lever with a modern duo chrome finish to suit both satin and polished hardware, fixtures, and fittings.


Tip 4 IconSquare Rose Door Handle Packs with Latch and Hinges H750062D HL1

This door handle pack is perfect for those seeking an ultra-modern square rose design and neutral duo chrome finish. Supplied with a pair of fire rated, double ball bearing brushed stainless steel door hinges and screw fixings for ease of installation for any DIYer. Check out the bathroom pack to complete the upgrade of all all your interior doors.


Tip 5 IconBlack Nickel Door Handle Packs with Latch and Hinges H750043D HL1

Vivid and stylish in design, our black nickel door handle pack complements black, polished, and satin chrome finish elements within your interior. Complete the installation of all your internal doors at home with the matching black nickel handle pack for bathroom doors.


Top Tip: Set aside 30 minutes to an hour to complete your door furniture installation and work as a pair to fit the door in place if replacing or installing new door hinges.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blogs and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!