5 Steps to a Quick House Sale

If you’re putting your house up for sale, you need to consider the variables that will affect how well your home is received by the viewers. You can certainly create a positive first impression by adhering to a few measures and to help you do this, we have developed the 5 steps to a quick house sale for any homeowner. Here’s our list to get it right for every visit!


Tip 1 IconDIY

It is important that your home facilities are functioning correctly as issues with anything in the home, that requires daily usage, can dampen the value of your offering. Whether it be a faulty toilet roll holder or a stiff door handle, it’s a great idea to make these amendments, repairs and replacements prior to the first visit. For a cost effective solution, spruce up your bathroom with a new, stylish toilet roll holder by choosing a finish that complements your existing metals and colour scheme. Decide between the option of a self-adhesive backing for a quick, simple fitting or an option with screw fixings. Both options offer a secure fit and may be decided between based on their overall aesthetic appearance in your bathroom.


If your door handle is stiff to operate, there may be an issue with lubrication. To check, remove the door handles from the door using a screwdriver to unfasten the fixings. Once the handles are removed from the door, operate them in hand to check for any sign of malfunction. A broken spring means that your handles need replacing, which is a simple task and with the variety on offer, we’re certain you will find the perfect choice for styling your interior. You may want to give your home a complete refresh, especially if the design and metal finish of your hardware is dated. For an ultra-modern appearance, incorporate a duo chrome lever with a polished and satin chrome finish as this small embellishment will add a touch of luxury to your home.


Tip 2 IconDeclutter and Tidy

It’s all too easy to put items down around the house and forget about them. Walk around each room and collect any papers and items that add to the clutter. Shred documents that you no longer require and throw away bits and bobs that cease to offer any value. For the items that you do want to keep, incorporate small accessories including coat hooks and storage items such a key dishes and baskets to keep your possessions organised. Invest in some stylish coat hooks by the front door and hang up your coats and jackets. Incorporate robe hooks in the bathroom and on the back of your bedroom doors to hang towels to dry as this step will ensure a clutter free interior.




Tip 3 IconDeep Clean

Now make your home sparkle by giving it a deep clean! Grab your cleaning products and work through each room of the house; dusting, wiping and hoovering the dirt away. Start by taking your duster and give everything a light sweep to collect as many particles as possible. Dust often sticks in the ridges of wooden doors so take an old toothbrush and warm soapy water to the door to ensure you clean away the build-up. Use your appropriate cleaning products to clean surfaces, furnishings and decorative items to guarantee a shine in your metals. Finish off by hoovering and mopping the floors to get the carpet and flooring looking fresh!


Tip 4 IconDecrease the Darkness and Add More Light

Increase the sparkle of your home furnishings and décor by increasing the amount of light in the room. If the visit is set to take place during the day, open blinds and curtains to elevate the natural brightness. For dull days and evening visits, turning on lamps in addition to switching on lights around the home will increase the brightness, making the rooms appear more welcoming and positive. The light beams will reflect off your decorative metals and cause a gleaming effect on your hardware. It’s the small details that add to the desirability of your home!


Tip 5 IconDo Ventilate!

Finally, ventilate your space! If the temperature outside is warm, leave windows open slightly during a house visit to ensure a flow of fresh air. If the weather doesn’t permit this, opening windows for 5 minutes, an hour before your guests are due to arrive, will gain a fresh supply of oxygen in the property. Whilst you want ventilation in your home, keep in mind that cold spaces may have a negative effect on the experience of your visitor. Setting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature will enable thermal comfort and secure a ‘homely feel’ in your property.


We understand how stressful it can be getting your house on the market and sold, so we hope you found our 5 steps to a quick house sale helpful! We offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance to help make your styling decisions easier. Follow these simple steps to create the best experience for your house visits!