5 Suggestions for Eco-friendly Interiors

With sustainability trending everywhere, from fashion to food, it makes you wonder what more we could be doing in our own homes. There’s plenty more to the green movement than recycling our waste and taking a bag-for-life with us when we go shopping, so we’ve put together our top 5 suggestions for living an eco-friendlier existence!


Tip 1 IconUpcycle

You probably guessed this one! Upcycling is the creative reuse of products and materials that can be repurposed around the home.


A great way to get into upcycling is to start small. Transform your glass bottles and jars by turning them into vases, candle holders and plant pots. You can strip the label off and paint the bottles to complement the colour palette of your interior. Or, for an authentic, vintage aesthetic, keep the label on and showcase your discernment and refined taste with a hanging bird feeder in the garden!


Over the years, you tend to accumulate lots of ‘things’; things that served a purpose at the time but somehow seemed to go out of fashion or replaced by something new. Elaborately patterned fabrics are one of those ‘things’. Remember when animal print was everything in the 90’s? Funnily enough its back! If you followed the trend and stored away your leopard print bedding, it’s time you get it back out! Instead of putting it on you bed, you can use the pillow cases to make personal laundry baskets.


Tip 2 IconLet the Natural Light In

The right lighting can make all the difference in a living space as it plays a part in altering ambience, mood and spatial perception. Avoid painting rooms in dark colours and opt for white and light shades to reflect the natural sunlight from your windows; maximising light and space with mirrors. Taking advantage of natural light sources at home keeps energy bills low as it reduces the need to switch lights on when entering a room. Consider adding large windows and skylights if you’re extending your property to ensure maximum natural light intake!




Tip 3 IconInsulate Efficiently

Turning the heating up full blast isn’t always an option (nor is it eco-friendly!). This makes curtain insulation a fantastic, energy efficient way to make sure that no heat escapes and no unwanted cold enters your home. Double glazing also helps reduce air leakage, meaning that heat from your central heating can be retained in your home for longer. Layer textiles throughout the home to keep warm! Incorporate textured rugs, throws and cushions to stay cosy on chilly winter nights.


Tip 4 IconUse Stainless Steel and Natural Materials

Limit furniture made from plastic moulding and try to seek out eco-friendly alternatives. To make your home’s interior sustainable, you need tables, chairs and other furnishings made from natural wood and organic materials. Bamboo is a popular option for accessorising interiors as biophilic design continues to trend in the interior design world! It’s all about bringing natural elements into the built environment with organic patterns, textures and materials.


Stainless steel is playing an important role in sustainable design as it is almost a hundred percent recyclable and a great amount of stainless steel has been repurposed in architectural developments. Solid stainless steel door handles with winged levers on rose are not only designed with ultra-modern qualities but are also non-corrosive, making them a durable and sustainable option for embellishing doors at home.


Choose stainless steel door handles and accessories to decorate your home and keep an eye out for antiques and used furniture for sale in your local area.


Tip 5 IconUse Plants as Decorative Pieces

This is a great one! Living plants are simple decorative pieces that complement any interior style while providing oxygen and filtering out harmful chemicals from the air. Their verdure offers freshness and natural beauty which can be weaved into every single room of the house. We believe that there isn’t a limit for accessorising your home with plants, unless you tend to neglect your greenery! If this sounds like you, start with one or two plants and make a conscious effort to care for them. Alternatively, opt for an aloe plant as they require such little maintenance, it would be difficult to kill it!


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blog How to Fit Kitchen Cupboard Handles.