6 Home and Garden Improvements

Easter holidays are about to begin and so no doubt are the DIY jobs that you’ve been holding off all winter. If you’re lacking in inspiration or just unsure where to start, then read on for 6 home and garden improvements that will quickly and easily make a difference this spring and into the long and sunny summer ahead.

Tip 1 IconPlant and Hang
Plant and hang your flower baskets ready for a colourful summer. Dig them out from the shed or garage, line them, fill them with planting soil and then plant a selection of your favourite plug plants before watering thoroughly. Hanging them outside your front door is a popular choice but you can hang them wherever you fancy as long as it's partially shaded yet receives a few hours sunlight each day.

Tip 2 IconFeeding Time
Feed the lawn, but before you do you will need to rake and mow. Use a lawn rake to clear the moss that’s grown through the winter months and then trim the grass with your lawn mower making sure to finish the borders and edges with clippers or strimmer. Use a high in nitrogen feed that includes iron phosphate to kill off the remaining moss and liven up you lawn ready for summer.

Tip 3 IconPrepare to Lounge
Bring out your garden furniture and get it ready for lounging around in the sun. If you didn’t clean it before putting it away at the end of the year then of course you’ll need to now. Some people use a high pressure washer and others a garden broom and warm water, although we’d say you’d be best to use a mixture of ingredients taken from your kitchen cupboards that will do a super job removing algae’s and fungus’s in no time at all, read more on how to clean wooden garden furniture.

Tip 4 IconSpruce Up
Spruce up your doors with new internal door handles or better still replace all door furniture, including the door hinges, latches and locks choosing from one of our many door handle packs to modernise and transform your home.

Tip 5 IconRelaxing Bath
Make bath time more relaxing by re-grouting tiles, cleaning mould off your bathroom ceiling, replacing the silicon sealant around the bathtub and/or shower tray and removing lime scale from on and around the taps and shower. You could even go to the length of replacing the washer in that dripping tap that your partners been moaning about for months!

Tip 6 IconRejuvenate
Repair your kitchen cupboards and wardrobes, giving them a new lease of life by replacing worn hinges, runners and cupboard handles. Simple, easy and with little cost involved you can rejuvenate your kitchen cupboards and wardrobes in no time at all.