8 Easy DIY Tips for Hanging Pictures

As with every DIY job there’s a skill involved, and hanging pictures makes no exception, these 8 easy to follow tips and tricks will lead to perfectly positioned, level and beautifully hung pictures throughout you’re home, while taking away the frustration that naturally comes from drilling holes and fixing picture hooks at the wrong level.


Tip 1 IconConsideration

When choosing where to hang your artwork there are two main considerations, first, will it complement the room, think about the colours of the picture and the colours of the décor and furnishings, and second the scale of your artwork. Hang large works of art where they are surrounded by space and can be viewed from a greater distance and small pieces of art where you can view them up close. Avoid hanging pictures near doors, windows or in areas of your home where there likely to get worn or damaged.


Tip 2 IconHow High

How high you hang your pictures depends on the height of your ceilings, the room you’re hanging it and personal preference, although as a rule of thumb, centre the artwork at eye level, 145.


Tip 3 IconMinty Fresh

Where to drill the fixing holes is one of the most important steps in hanging pictures, however it’s not as easy as holding up the frame and marking the wall behind it as the frame always gets in the way. Use a small dab or dabs of toothpaste on the back of the frame and simply press it against the wall creating the marks for fixings… easy yeah!


Tip 4 IconIngenious Idea

Another ingenious idea to mark out your drill holes is to photocopy the artwork and tape it to the wall. If you don’t have a photocopier or if your artwork is simply too big then using a large piece of paper, if even newspaper, will give you the same results, allowing you to mark out the fixing holes with ease.


Tip 5 IconMagnetise

If hanging your pictures on high walls with the use of a ladder then keep your screws and nails at the ready with a magnet in your pocket. You could even glue the magnet to the handle of your hammer or side of your ladders, providing even easier and quicker access to your nails and screws.


Tip 6 IconMakeover

If your frame is scratched and damaged then using coloured markers, paints or even makeup will quickly restore it. If the scratches are too deep or if there’s chips to the edges, then use plastic wood filler or another filler type to repair them.


Tip 7 IconPainless

This trick is one of our favourites, almost guaranteed to stop your fingers throbbing, and not only does this tip work for hanging pictures, but whenever hammering nails. Protect your fingers by using a polystyrene loose fill chip to hold the nail in place. Simply painless!


Tip 8 IconHammer Head

If you’re not very confident when hammering or even if you’re the ultimate handyman, avoid marking the walls by stretching several elastic bands around the hammer head.


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