8 Steps to Fit a Door Latch Strike Plate

A strike plate is the metal plate that fits into the doorjamb where the area has been morticed and fitted with a dust socket and keep. When the internal door is closed, the latch bolt extends into the hole in the strike plate and holds the door closed.


Our selection of door latches, mortice locks and bathroom locks are supplied complete with the strike plate, dust socket and fixings for ease of installation on arrival. To help you with your DIY home improvements, here’s our eight steps on how to fit a door latch strike plate.

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Once your internal door handles on rose have been fitted, you will need to complete the installation by fitting a dust socket, keep and strike plate. Without fully closing the door, simply line the door up to the doorjamb and use a pencil to mark the top and bottom of the latch bolt.


Tip 2 IconWith these two points marked, simply move the door away from the doorjamb and draw vertical and horizontal lines to indicate where the door jamb needs to be chiselled out.


Tip 3 IconThe strike plate has two parts including the inner section and outer part. The inner section is where the latch bolt sits inside the door keep, maintaining the closed position. The outer part of the strike plate is the metal plate that protects the door from scratches as the latch extends and retracts.


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Use the pencil markings to position the strike plate, aligning the top and bottom part for accuracy. The bottom part of the inner bit of the strike plate should line up with the lowest horizontal mark.


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With your pencil, stencil the outer and inner parts of the strike plate so that you have two distinctive sketches on your doorjamb.


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For the inner sketched outline of the strike plate, drill a series of holes along the vertical pencil line.


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Once the holes have been drilled, chisel out a small hole for the outer part of the strike plate. Ensure that this is deep enough for the strike plate to sit flush within the doorjamb.


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To complete your latch installation, position the door latch strike plate over the recessed area and secure it to the doorjamb with fixing screws.


And there we have it, our eight steps on how to fit a door latch strike plate.


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