8 Tips to Improve Window Security

Whether upstairs or downstairs all the windows throughout your home or property should be secured to prevent burglars, and in an ideal world all windows would be fitted with at least one built-in window lock. While most modern window units come with locking handles as standard, older windows found on country homes and older properties in general may not have locks. The following tips will help improve window security, giving you the added peace of mind that you are protecting your home the best you can.


1) If you’ve got window locks then make sure you use them. Not only will it be a caveat of your home insurance policy to ensure there locked, but they really do reduce the likelihood of an intruder breaking into to your home and making off with your jewels and most valued possessions.


2) It may sound obvious but keep your window keys away from the windows, don’t leave them sitting on the window sill just waiting for an intruder to break the glass. While making sure there away from the windows do check there in a place thats known to all whom are resident so if needed in an emergency you don’t have to look for them.


3) Installing window restrictors which stop the window opening fully can be fitted to most window types. There primary purpose is to stop people from falling out of the window, although they also provide an obstacle for intruders that reduces the chance of them gaining entry through the window.


4) Window grilles and bars provide a level of security which is virtually impassable. They can be fitted on either side of the window (internally or externally) and while the burglar may be able to open or smash the window they will not be able to gain entry through the bars.


5) Fitting reinforced glass will prevent intruders from breaking in through the windows, although it’s a bit of an extreme measure for home windows. An alternative for home use is security film, a self-adhesive transparent film that once adhered to the glass will prevent it from shattering and works as an obstacle for intruders that attempt to break-in through a direct attack on the glass.


6) As simple as it sounds, keeping your valuables out of sight will deter burglars. If they can’t see any items of high value then they are likely to lose interest and move on to another property.


7) There are numerous types of window alarms available, some of which are part of your home security system and others that function independently. Installing window alarms will lead to the alarm sounding immediately upon an intruder gaining entry and may just stop them from venturing any further.


8) Displaying alarm and/or neighbourhood watch stickers in your windows is perhaps the easiest and cheapest deterrent that may just be enough to discourage an opportunist thief.


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