8 Tips to Stay Warm this Winter

It’s starting to feel like winter has arrived already, and if you’ve been keeping up to speed with the nations newspapers, then you will have no doubt read that its set to be the coldest winter on record in over 100 years! Whilst some of us will simply turn up the heating to its highest level and make everyone in the house swelter in the heat, it’s important to remember that heating your home during winter costs a lot of money. Fortunately, just for you and anyone who has cold toes, we’ve compiled 8 tops tips for keeping warm this winter without costing you lots of money.


Tip 1 IconLayer up

Forget the fleece and that thick woolly jumper your grandmother knitted for your last year, one of the best ways to keep warm is to wear layer upon layer of thin clothing. With multiple layers of clothing air gets trapped in between and heats up, keeping you warm and toasty.


Tip 2 IconShut the door

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘Born in a barn’, well those that are looking to stay warm this winter should learn from it. Grab that door handle and shut that door tight, keeping the heat in the room, really it's that simple.


Tip 3 IconExclude draughts

With strong winds blowing and the certainty of more gales to follow this winter, make sure you use draught excluders to reduce draughts from doors and windows. There are numerous products available that will do a perfect job, but if needs be, bath towels or even spotty dog the teddy can reduce draughts.


Tip 4 IconMake use of your oven

They will never take the place of an open fire or hot radiator, but if you’re using the oven, make sure to make the most of the heat it generates. Sit next to it while cooking your dinner, and once your roast is done, turn the oven off, leave for a minute to slightly cool then open the door so the heat can escape to warm your kitchen.



Tip 5 IconLight a candle

If asked, most of us would say ‘candles give light’, and we can’t argue with that, but in a well-insulated and draught free room one or more candles will also provide enough heat energy to make a difference to the room temperature. It may take half an hour or so before there’s noticeable change, but a couple of good candles can do a great job. Make sure to keep your eye on the candles and whatever you do don’t dose off, else the house may get considerably warmer than you’d want!


Tip 6 IconExercise is the key

Not only is exercise good for your health, but it soon warms you and the room you’re in. Watch a keep fit DVD, push dumbbells high in to the air, or do the vacuuming and housework to generate some heat this winter.


Tip 7 IconGet out more

If your house is so cold that whatever you try you can’t keep warm then just go out! Try a library which are usually well heated and catch up on some reading. Alternatively pop to your local pub or cinema although that may not end up been quite as cheap.


Tip 8 IconBleed the radiators

Something that’s easily overlooked is whether your radiators need bleeding. It’s quite easy to tell, as if they do the radiators will be warmer at the bottom than the top as there is trapped air within, stopping the water circulating properly. With the heating turned off and an old towel to hand, use a bleed key to turn the bleed plug and tighten it back up as the water starts to come out.


Read up on fixing draughty doors or how to draught proof wooden floors for more great tips on keeping warm this winter.