8 Top Tips to Beat the Burglar

Planning your interior style and decorating your home is such an exciting time for new home owners. Whilst colour schemes and furnishings are important, it’s essential to set up proper security measures to keep the burglars out!


According to UKCrimeStats, 29,542 burglaries were reported last December. To help lower the chances of a break in at home, we’re sharing our top tips to beat the burglar! Keep reading for eight simple things that you can do to keep your property secure and your possessions safe.


Tip 1 IconNew house? Change the locks!

If you’ve recently moved into a new house, you must replace the cylinder lock to retain key authority. You never know who may still have a set of keys. Changing the locks will keep your new house more secure and give you peace of mind. Check out our blog on how to change a door lock for more information! We offer a variety of door lock solutions to suit your front and internal doors.


Tip 2 IconAlways keep doors locked.

Don’t just lock up at night, always keep your doors locked when you’re inside the house. Most burglars are opportunists. They’re crafty and bold which makes your property vulnerable to a day-time break in. Ensure that all doors and windows are locked when you leave the house (even if your just in the garden).


Euro Cylinder Lock 35 35 Anti Pick Anti Drill



Tip 3 IconTake the key out the door.

We’ve all done it and felt foolish when we’ve discovered that our keys are still in the front door. Make it a priority to remove your front door key and place it in a designated storage place every time you enter your home. The repetition of the task will soon become habitual and the chances of you making the mistake will decrease.


Tip 4 IconDon’t leave keys outside.

It’s a classic error to leave a spare key in a ‘secret hiding spot’. Burglars know all the potential places to hide keys and if a burglar uses them, your contents and home insurance policy may be void. Use a key safe to store a spare house key and only leave a key with someone you completely trust.


Tip 5 IconBe smart before you open!

Check to see who’s knocking before you open the front door. Ideal for elders and all family members, a door viewer for front doors that features a 160° field of vision will increase your sense of security at home. Adjustable for doors from 35mm up to 65mm thick, our front door viewer features a modern satin nickel finish that coordinates well with other chrome and stainless steel door furniture.


Tip 6 IconStore valuables in a safe.

From wedding rings and other items of jewellery to various documents such as passports, our homes contain many of our most valuable assets and possessions. We recommend using a small electronic digital safe to keep your possessions secure. Featuring a 12 litre storage capacity, our robust home safe also includes a programmable 3-8 digit code and override key for the main user. For ease of installation, our digital safe is supplied complete with both wall and floor fixings along with instructions, 4 x AA batteries and override key.


Tip 7 IconGoing on holiday? Outsiders will never know.

If you’re going away on holiday, invest in some plug-in timers for your lamps. Set each lamp to a different time during the evening so that it looks like someone is active in the house. Install blinds to reduce visibility from the outside and keep expensive possessions stored away and out of sight. If you use a taxi service to travel to the airport, make sure to mention how glad you are that the house sitter is there (even if you don’t have one).


Tip 8 IconClose your curtains at night.

You can’t see out, but someone will be able to see in, especially when your house is lit. A passer-by may notice your glaring TV and other desirable possessions. Keep curtains closed at night time to limit the opportunity of potential burglars catching a glimpse of what’s inside your home.


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