A Guide to Repainting an Exterior Door

Freshly painted exterior woodwork instantly revitalises the look of property fronts. If you have a dreary, weather worn front door in need of bit of TLC, here are our tips on how to repaint it and revive the exterior of your home.


For this task you will need: Sander, dusk mask, screwdriver, cloth, bucket, gloves, exterior wood, filling knife, masking tape, paintbrush, primer, exterior paint, exterior varnish.


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Unscrew and remove the handles along with other items of front door furniture. Ensure to keep the spindle in place on your side of the door or you may find yourself locked out if the wind blow and slams the door shut.


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Wash all the woodwork and the threshold with soapy water to remove dirt, debris, and grease.


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Examine the frame thoroughly for cracks in the wood or small imperfections on the surface of the door. Using a filling knife with a flexible blade, fill all damaged areas so that they are flush with the surrounding timber. Wait for the filler to set. Large holes and deep cracks will require filling in layers. Be sure to wait for each layer to dry before applying the next.


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Smooth out the surface of the door by using an electric sander. You could use abrasive paper for this task, but it will be a harder, more time consuming activity. Save yourself some time and effort with an electric sander, and don’t forget to wear a dust mask when sanding.


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Use strips of masking tape to mask off the edges of the glass panes. This will protect the glass as you paint around the edges of the wood.


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Stir the paint well before application. A self-primer exterior paint will save time in the painting process as it eliminates the waiting period for paint layers to dry. Make sure to use a self-priming paint that is suitable for wood.


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For the door threshold, apply one or two coats of an exterior-quality, clear varnish to seal and waterproof the wood. Allow time to dry between layers. The threshold may need special attention because it gets the worst of the rain.


Your freshly painted exterior woodwork will instantly uplift your property. Continue to upgrade the look of your door with new front door furniture. Our wide range of stylish and practical front door furniture includes all the essentials, suitable for domestic and light commercial properties. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to suit your front door.


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