Adjusting Bi-fold Doors

Adjusting bi-fold doors is something that has to be done during the fitting process and then again from time to time as part of the regular maintenance of your internal doors. Adjustment to bi-fold doors is usually quite a simple task, on the "hinge" side or "butt" side as it may be referred to, is usually a pin at the bottom corner of the door that sits within a floor bracket and on the top corner a spring-mounted guide that locks into the track.


Open the doors, ensuring the spring-mounted guides at the top are within the track. Check the bottom corner pin and be sure it’s engaged within the floor bracket and adjusted to approximately 1-2mm clearance from the jamb, when the door is closed.


Checking on the top pin and the track in which the sliding bracket sits periodically is another way of ensuring your bi-fold doors operate smoothly. Adjust the bracket so that the "butt" side of the door is plumb straight with 1-2mm clearance from the door jamb when closed and tighten the sliding bracket within the track.


If you find the doors are vertically out of align you can make adjustments to reposition them. The adjustments are usually made on the hinge side of the door by screwing or unscrewing the bottom pin. Threaded like a bolt, depending on the type of bi-fold doors the bottom pin may need to be lifted out of the bracket to allow for turning.


Repairing Bi-fold Doors


If your bi-fold doors become loose and wobbly, the most common cause is due to the bottom pin wearing out its seat within the door. The best way to fix it is to remove the pin and reposition it. Fill the old pin hole using filler or a dowel plug and glue then drill a new hole with the same diameter away from the filled hole to accommodate the pin, if the pin is damaged then replacing it at this point is also recommended.


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