Architectural Inspiration

In celebration of World Architecture Day we have been looking at architectural masterpieces that can offer inspiration for redesigning your interior in line with current decorative trends.


Tip 1 IconThe Museum of Fire (Poland)

The Museum of Fire offers great inspiration for those looking for ways to use copper in their homes. A striking and imposing building with an unusual structure, this building is unusually clad in corrugated copper and features lighting to create the illusion of a live fire. Copper is a great choice if you live in an industrial property as it will coordinate with any existing features within your home and disperses a warm hue throughout your space, which is further exaggerated when paired with lighting. The sculptural aspect of this building could also be applied to those looking to create interest within a modern interior. Think oversized architectural copper lampshades and copper door handles for a statement look.


Polished Stainless Steel Door Handles on Rose


Tip 2 IconMOCA (Ohio)

This futuristic building showcases the perfect way to use black tones in your space. The exterior of the building is clad with a reflective finish and features a glass approach, which projects a sense of light and space in contrast to the dark tone of the material. The interior presents bold feature walls to further juxtapose the exterior finish. When incorporating black into an interior, it is a good idea to consider the size of your space and ensure that there is a plentiful source of natural light. Reflective surfaces and bright pops of colour are the perfect way to ensure a bright, cosy feel. Think about incorporating a large statement mirror and bright soft furnishings for a harmonious collaboration.


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