Back-to-school Bedrooms!

September time – the month for back-to-school organising and seasonal switch-overs at home. The month to start ‘cosying up’ your living space for darker, cooler evenings. We love the idea of watching a film on a rainy Sunday with a blanket as you start to layer the home with textiles and autumnal shades for a warmer, cosier aesthetic. September is a time for transition as we get back into routine and say goodbye to summer.


After a few months of fun-filled days out, garden BBQ’s and an annual holiday away, it’s now time to get the house back in-order for the start of a new season. We could all do with getting ‘back-to-school’ ready, so lets’ get bedrooms organised with a seasonal September checklist!


Tip 1 IconWardrobe switch-over

A season change is the perfect time to sieve through your wardrobe and organise your clothes. Take your autumn and winter wear out of storage and freshen them up with a wash cycle. Take any coats that you may have to the dry cleaners so they’re ready for layering up in the winter. Transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn with a few simple steps.


Start by clearing out your entire wardrobe, dresser and drawers, placing all your items onto the bed. Once these spaces are empty, give it a good dust, wipe and hoover so that it’s clean for the last quarter of the year. As you start to refill your wardrobe, create a separate pile of summer clothes to store away and replace them with your freshened-up jumpers, coats and jackets. Now would be a good time to donate any clothes that you no longer wear and bin anything that’s beyond repair.


For a simple, stylish update, switch out the hardware on your wardrobe doors and chest of drawers with chic knurled drawer knobs in a warm copper finish. The industrial ambience and criss-cross knurled texture offers a seriously luxury aesthetic without breaking the bank! These drawer knobs have the effect of making old or low value furniture look new and high-end with their contemporary qualities and unique textured details. Also available in matte black, satin brass and satin nickel finish, each drawer knob will transcend the seasons, making them a timeless option for any home interior.


Tip 2 IconOrganise your days…

We all know what September means… STATIONARY! The shops are brimming with brand-new, quirky and unusual stationery and shopping for ‘back-to-school’ (or ‘back-to-the-office’ as we like to think) has never been so exciting. Yes, we all have our phones and various technology to make notes in our calendar but there’s no better incentive than the feeling of putting a pen to paper to get organised. Taking yourself away from digital screens can help boost productivity, giving you the power to harness your creativity and ideas.


Get prepared with pens, highlighters and a bullet journal or diary planner to place at your bedroom desk. Write down your plans for the month including any coffee dates and most importantly; meetings, appointments or deadlines.


Knurled Drawer Knobs in Luxury Satin Brass Finish


Tip 3 IconWarm up the bed!

Comfort is so important for getting a quality nights’ sleep at home. As the nights get cooler you may want to switch out the lighter-weight bedding with something a bit thicker and plush. Add warmth to your bed with a faux fur throw and scatter a selection of textured cushions by your pillows.


If you want an alternative to faux fur, look out for rich fabrics like wool, velvet, and cushion cases with textured cotton patterns. Chunky cushions with lots of stuffing are perfect for adding depth perception to larger rooms as they can often appear quite cold and bland. Adorning your bed with cushions is a simple and cost-effective way to add a pop of colour and interest to your bedroom. Hunt for colours that will match your interior theme and get creative with a mixture of prints, patterns, styles and sizes for a stylish, curated interior design.


A bed runner or throw not only insulates your feet at night time, it also adds style and luxury to the overall aesthetic of your room. The extra textiles on the bed will add comfort and support when you fancy sitting up to read or watch TV (with a cup of hot chocolate or tea!).


Tip 4 IconAnd finally, deep clean!

With busy and demanding lifestyles, we rarely have the time to give rooms a thorough cleanse. To make sure you do it, take out your diary planner and schedule a day on the weekend to give your bedroom the clean that it needs. Prep your cleaning products and materials, such as multisurface cleaner and dusters, to ease the process on the day. Make sure to clean behind and under the bed, along with other large furnishings as these areas tend to get dusty (they’re also great hiding spots for spiders! So, make sure you wear socks).


Wipe every wall hanging and tableside accessory then organise storage spaces to make day-to-day life a little more manageable. Cleaning can be a great stress reliever as you burn calories, blow off steam and release endorphins in the process. Your cleaning day is also a great chance for you to sort out your important documents; paper shredding anything that’s no longer required and storing files neatly away in your drawer.


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