Boho Industrial Style Interiors

“There’s no place like home” … especially when everything about the space reflects your personality and tastes. We spend a lot of time at home; eating, sleeping, relaxing and raising a family, so it’s important that you feel happy and content in your living space.


When it comes to decorating your home, there’s so many styles to choose from and it can certainly feel a bit overwhelming when moving or renovating a property. If you love a stylish look with fun, free-spirited vibes, then we’ve got the style for you! Say hi to Boho industrial style interiors!


This boho chic inspired style features modern industrial elements with strong characteristics of bohemian flair. This interior aesthetic is all about blending industrial accents whilst drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences in the décor, furnishings and accessories. Exuding creativity with layers of textiles, patterns, colours and furniture styles, this interior design offers a seriously nonconformist vibe as it leans towards eclecticism.


The mix of industrial elements with boho qualities brings a stylish, contemporary edge to home interiors which is sparking a lot of interest in the interior design realm! Strong hued feature walls, such as raw concrete, exposed brick and metallic paint are seen in homes alongside an attractive and harmonious mix of multi-tonal patterns, bold hues and rich textures.


Pairing large house plants, Moroccan-inspired textiles and brightly coloured, velvet upholstery curates a classic bohemian feel. For this style, metal finish industrial accents can be added in the form of lighting fixtures and door furniture such as door handles and door hinges. Other metallic elements, such as framed mirrors, table legs and decorative accessories; adhere to the engineered charm. Boho industrial style interiors are notable for their mix of organic and structured materials as warming rustic wood tones partner well with steel, iron and chrome.



Crackle glazed mortice door knobs fit perfectly into the boho industrial interior style. Featuring a smooth, crackle glazed finish in white or muted pink, these door knobs are comfortable and easy to operate while mounted on a coherent round rose. Alternatively, these spaces can be styled with plenty of copper, matte black, polished and satin finish door hardware and interior accessories.


The blend of boho chic and industrial style may sound like chaos but when styled together, the aesthetic elements begin to complement one another instead of clashing. There’s a real ‘care-free’, indie sense to this style, especially when industrial elements in the architectural structure of the home are left untouched. Leaving exposed brick, wooden beams, and steel staircases on show is a simple way to showcase the industrial aesthetic.


If it all sounds a bit too much, this style can be obtained with a minimalist approach; blending extraordinary designs with simplicity. Switch out the bold hues and multi-tonal patterns with a subtle neutral palette. A crochet curtain puts a unique twist on window frames whereas rich textured upholstery looks sophisticated in muted tones of beige, blue and brown.


A soft colour palette styled with a dark contrasting rug can add a simple touch of boho chic which can be exaggerated with decorative cushions in a matching coloured pattern thread. Bohemian style seating brings socialising down to earth with a fortress of pillows in various sizes and patterns on the floor.


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