Brown Interiors Alternative Dark Hues

50 shades of grey? Try 50 shades of brown! Versatile, stylish and simple to style, this week we’re looking at deluxe brown interior design!


Dark interiors are seriously chic, but for many, painting the walls of a room in a ‘gloomy shade’ is one of the most fearless decorating decisions you can make! One way to incorporate a bit of darkness without going full force is to opt for brown as its earthy shade range offers versatility to any room. Whether it’s the walls, furniture or decorative accessories, brown is a safe (and sensual) alternative to black and other moody hues.


So, why do we love it? Well, brown is a rich, warm, timeless classic that’s easy to play with for luxury results! All shades of brown can be combined, so decorating your home can be a straightforward project. There’s certainly some ambiguity around the colour brown as the palette ranges in hue, tone and depth which can sometimes confuse the average home owner. Some of the most common terms to describe the different shades include dark and light chocolate, dark cocoa, mocha, latte, cappuccino, tree bark, tan and sandalwood… to name a few.


Tip 1 IconMix It Up

TOP TIP: It’s important to mix up your browns to steer clear of creating rooms that are visually uninteresting. Brown shades complement other colours such as neutral shades of beige, cream, taupe and white and more colourful shades of green, blue and yellow. These colours mimic the tones of the natural environment – think sandy beaches, flourishing verdure, blue skies and golden rays of sunshine… bliss.


If you’re looking to paint a room, check out some online variations and order colour swatches to hold up against the wall and make comparisons. Pinterest is a great place to fuel inspiration and give you some home ideas.


Tip 2 IconStyle it Out

To pack a punch in your home, weave in some matte black for a striking, confident aesthetic. This contemporary shade can feature in bold sofa cushions, photo frame boarders, lighting fixtures and contemporary door furniture.


TOP TIP: Door hardware can often be overlooked by home owners but it’s the details that bring the design of a room together! Tie in all the black elements with charismatic matte black door handles on rose and matching black door hinges for internal doors. Keep this style consistent throughout your property for a truly cohesive interior design.


Knurled Drawer Knobs in Luxury Satin Brass Finish



Another way you can weave in additional colours is through wall hangings such as artwork and ornamental pieces. Coordinate curtains with rugs and be cautious not to over do it with too many pattern variations. Embellishing patterns and texture can offer some much needed visual depth to create an ambience that’s cosy and comforting.


In bedrooms, weave colours in effortlessly with a bold, silky bedspread or throw, decorative cushions and large scented bedside candles. Whether it’s solid or patterned, these simple aesthetic qualities will make all the difference to your brown dominant interior.


For homes that feature wooden beams, floors and walls, style it up with further essences of natural materials. Look out for coffee tables and dining furniture in oak, solid wood or pine. Emphasise this natural flair with green houseplants and large stones or wood logs in the fireplace.


Tip 3 IconMake it Sparkle

Metallics and gold radiate sheer luxury in rooms that have a singular striking dark brown feature wall. The display of metallics goes far beyond candle holders and photo frames as it appears stunning embellished in back and seat sofa cushions, rugs, bed frames and backboards!


TOP TIP: Brass is an ideal metallic to showcase in darker interiors. Switch out your existing knobs on cupboards and drawers with luxury satin brass finish knurled drawer knobs. These high quality, unique knobs will have your guests demanding all your decorative secrets!


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blog Quick Tricks to Upgrade Your Drawers and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!