Build a DIY Brick BBQ for Summer

As the weather gets warmer, start making the most of your garden with your family. Building a brick barbecue is fun and simple for families and it takes no time at all! The arrangement of stacked bricks makes for a sturdy structure.


For this you will need: 74 bricks, 4 paving slabs for the base, a grill shelf from your conventional oven and a steel sheet approx. 45cm square.


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Paving slabs and bricks have rough edges which can cause injuries if hands are not protected, so start by putting on a pair of protective gloves.


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Lay the paving slabs on a level surface to form the base for the barbecue. Take six bricks and lay them out in a circular pattern so that the bricks meet at the corner.


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For the next brick layer, rotate the bricks so that they lie across the gaps in the first layer. Lay the third as the first, and the fourth as the second. Continue this alternating pattern to build a wall of 10 brick layers.


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The foundation of your barbecue is now ready for the fire shelf. Take the steel sheet and lay it squarely on top of the tenth brick layer. Lay one more course of bricks on top.


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You can now install the grill shelf. Simply place it on top of the brick tower, ensuring that the corners overlap the bricks so that it is steady. Borrow the shelf from your oven for barbecue use – just remember to return it to the kitchen when done!


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Create a wind break by stacking another layer of bricks on top of the grill shelf. If it is particularly windy, you can build it a little bit higher. This extra row of bricks will hold the grill in place.


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