Choosing a Bedside Lamp

Soft furnishings provide the finishing touch to your interior and with a large selection of fabulous lighting solutions on the market, it is easy to stray from the ultimate vision of your dream interior when you search the lighting market. Before you start looking, it is worth having an idea in mind to ensure you achieve the overall finish you had hoped to create.


Tip 1 IconConsider Material

If you are looking to use natural materials within your space the options are unending. For a soft and cosy feel consider a wood lamp paired with a fabric lamp shade, or for a more unique appeal you could consider a lamp made from pink Himalayan rock salt!


For those who are furnishing an industrial apartment or would prefer a more stark and minimalist edge to your interior, then a desk lamp finished in metal finishes such as chrome, copper or even brass could offer a fantastic solution for your needs. This is a great way of coordinating your accessories with other metal features in your space, such as exposed rafters and copper door handles.


Tip 2 IconImpact vs. Practicality

If you are looking to make a statement with your lamp, then why not think big and opt for a floor lamp? Available in a variety of styles to suit a number of different interiors, from tripod-style for a retro appeal to modern lamps with bright lampshades for maximum impact.


It is also worth considering available space. If your bed side table is only large enough to accommodate a cup of coffee and one other item, then you may wish to consider a dual function lamp and alarm clock.


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Tip 3 IconInnovative Solutions

If you get fed up trying to fish for the switch at bedtime, why not consider a touch-sensitive dimmer lamp? The benefit of these lamps is that you can choose the level of light required at the time. In addition, this style of light is often quite neutral in appearance, making it suitable for use in a number of spaces.


The options really are endless, for more home decorating inspiration, why not check out our previous blogs on Replacing Door Handles on Existing Door and Updating Your Home on a Budget.