Combining Feminine and Masculine Tones

Purchasing a home for the first time with your significant other is an exciting event, packing up and moving all your belongings to a space that is truly yours to share. Whether you have rented together prior to the move or are about to live together for the first time, you may be anticipating the decorating dilemma. Whilst entering a space with a blank canvas offers creative opportunity to decorate as you wish, it’s important to discuss aesthetic preferences with your partner to enable a greater understanding of your expectations. You can then start creating an environment that satisfies you both!


When you think about industrial chic, your immediate attention is drawn to the openness, the vintage, stand out pieces and the metal elements embellished throughout the space. Designing your interior and decorative features around your industrial style hardware will pave a pathway to completing the look!


Tip 1 IconFeminine and Masculine Tones Explained

Typical feminine colour schemes run towards the lighter spectrum of soft pastel tones and vibrant hues, including varying shades of white, pink and peach. Masculine shades rely heavily on darker colours such as brown, red and black, whereas neutral shades of grey and tan can be applied to both styles.


Despite the conventional descriptions of feminine and masculine interior styles, it’s important not to assume your partner will prefer the colour scheme of their gender. It’s easy to create a space which renders neither overly feminine or masculine connotations by following these simple style tips.


Tip 2 IconDiscuss Your Ideas and Preferences

Discuss your colour scheme preferences with your partner and conclude what colours, furnishings and features you want displayed in your shared living space. Assemble a mood board together prior to the moving date as this tool will provoke style inspiration and visually assist with communicating your ideas and organising your design plans.


Tip 3 IconMerge the Typically Feminine & Masculine Tones

For an effortlessly sensual appearance, integrate pastel and neutral shades to the walls, flooring, furnishings and in decorative items. Pastels evoke a sense of calm and simplicity to any room with their visually soft aesthetic and can be thoughtfully presented with darker tones to establish a unisex atmosphere. Selecting vibrant colours will appear more dramatic and prominent. Combining typical pink feminine tones with darker masculine tones will add visual depth to a room and will appear particularly striking when featured in bold soft furnishings such as terracotta coloured throws or cushions.


Create harmony by choosing your chosen shade of white or grey for the walls, paired with large grey furnishings and softer furnishings in either peach or dusty pink to add warmth and interest to a pared-down palette. Alternatively, choose pastel shades of blue, green and yellow for a cooler ambience. Pastel and vibrant shades complement both warm and cool toned oak flooring and appear soft yet distinctive when incorporated in the design of geometric print rugs, cushions and throws.




Tip 4 IconGet the Unisex Vibe with Elements of Black

Characteristics of black appear exceptionally striking against romantic shades of pink, summery shades of peach and cool tones of grey whilst adding a touch of strength and masculinity to the room. Elements of black within an interior will frame the entire aesthetic, creating a powerful impact in the form of matte or reflective black metal features of your furnishings. This may include table and chair legs, wall decor and cabinet handles.


Don’t forget the intricate details! For a unique and ultra-modern look, add square rose door handles in a duo black finish to your internal doors. The graphite-like satin elements paired with the polished chrome highlights on the door handles create an alluring and opulent ambience to any interior. To obtain a slightly more delicate yet luxury appearance, include black door handles that feature both gentle curves and straight edges positioned on square rose with elegant radius corners.


Adorned in the architectural structure, the dominant black hardware features will complement components of pastel hues and additional casts of black in soft furnishings such a cushion patterns and in the detail of decorative accessories like chess boards, tea lights, wall art and vases.


Tip 5 IconEnsure Continuity in Colour Scheme

For studies, bedrooms and bathrooms that may require locking doors, choose matching duo black key hole escutcheons and thumb turn and release locks to maintain aesthetic continuity throughout the home. The square rose with radius corners will appear charismatic and give the door a deluxe characteristic, merging seamlessly with the door handles and black internal door hinges. Consider placing additional black accessories into the rooms of your home to ensure synchronicity throughout the design.


Now that you understand feminine and masculine interior colour fusion, you can reside together in harmony! We offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance to help make your styling decisions easier. Follow these simple tips to develop your very own unisex interior styling.