Common DIY Mistakes to Avoid

DIY is a fantastic skill to have, but be careful not to make any mistakes that could have been easily avoided, if only you had taken the right precautions! Before you start to undertake any DIY work, check out our top tips on how to avoid the most common DIY disasters in your own home!


Tip 1 IconPreparation

Preparation really is key when tackling a DIY project, but one of the most common DIY mistakes is to skip this vital step to get the job done faster. It is important to first research exactly what is involved in your project, to ensure you will get the results you desire! Remember that it is better to spend a little longer during planning to achieve a high-quality result that will stand the test of time, rather than making a quick fix that may not last and could ultimately become more time consuming to rectify. Taking time to complete tasks like hanging new doors and fitting new door handles may seem tedious, but ultimately can save you having to pay fees to a handyman.


Tip 2 IconDon't Cost Cut

Quality materials will not only achieve a superior finish but also stand the test of time. When investing in tools and other materials remember to also ensure that you have everything you need to preserve your items, as there is little point in investing in high-quality items if they are not going to be maintained. Spend time cleaning paintbrushes and oiling tools after use, as although this can be a time-consuming process it will prove invaluable in ensuring your tools are preserved for years to come.



Tip 3 IconAsk for Help

It is important to gain a realistic perspective on your abilities and recognise when you are simply out of your depth. Don’t be afraid to bring the professionals in to ensure the job is done properly and remember that where specialist works are required, it is important to leave skilled jobs to a qualified and reputable tradesperson. Despite your level of competence, do keep in mind that there are some jobs that should purely be left to the professionals and thoroughly researching your specific project will also prove a vital part of uncovering such areas.


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