Creating an Office at Home

Working from home can prove a difficult balance to strike between work and home, but it is mostly important to ensure a healthy balance between home and work life. It may be worth creating a separate space within your home to ensure a productive environment in which to complete your workload.


Tip 1 IconChoose Your Space

It is important to carefully consider your office space as you will inevitably spend a large proportion of time at your desk, so try and choose a room that is going to offer you enough space and natural light to enable a productive work environment. Be sure to install a blind at the window too in case you need to reduce the glare of natural sunlight on bright days.


Tip 2 IconPerfect Office Chair

It is important to invest in a supportive chair or back support if you spend a vast proportion of your time at a desk, as this will help you to maintain a good posture and enable you to sit comfortably at your desk.


Tip 3 IconLight and Bright Colour

Colour can make a powerful influence on our emotions. Perhaps most notably blue and green tones are recognised for instilling a sense of calmness and clarity and yellow for positivity. Why not incorporate colour into your work space by introducing a potted plant or colourful accessories to help inspire you during the day?


Tip 4 IconOrganisation is Key

An organised space enables you to think clearly and ultimately be productive in your work. Be sure to assign everything its rightful place and be careful that extra items don’t in time creep in from the other rooms in your house. It is important that your office does not double up as a storage space, as this could cause your work space to feel cluttered. Perhaps also consider installing key locking door handles on your door, to keep your office feeling separate from the rest of your home once you have finished work for the day.


Tip 5 IconMotivational Quotes

Motivational quotes are a great way to gain inspiration, especially for those working at home without colleagues. Why not make a creative display board of your favourite quotes to achieve a positive and engaging work space.


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