Curate Your Architectural Digest Home

When you watch the luxurious tour videos of Architectural Digest celebrity homes, you’ll notice a recurring theme… details, details, details. Whilst each home differs in style, space and layout, the curated interior design tells a personal story that ultimately gives life to the home.


But how do these homeowners craft such inspiring spaces? Well, they work together with interior designers, finding inspiration from all kinds of weird and wonderful places like countries they’ve travelled to, bespoke pieces they’ve discovered in quaint shops, forecasted trends and surprisingly the homes of others. (Celebrities are just like us, remember… just wealthier with a much larger fan base!)


Whether you’re making home improvements to your existing home or moving into a blank canvas, we suggest putting a plan of action together with a budget and finding visual inspiration to guide your project.


Wondering where to start?


To recreate the look of an expertly curated space, homeowners should start by looking at the architectural structure of their property. The goal is to maximise the potential of your space and to do so, you need to see past the visual stimuli of your current decor. Look up, around and down. Does your home have clean-cut characteristics of a modern home or more traditional elements with built-in cabinetry, columns and coffered ceilings? Don’t hide these elements, instead work to incorporate them into your interior theme.


Creating a good foundation for your home is the best way to begin your renovation journey. Ensure that doors are fitted properly and that paint finishes are neat and professional in appearance. Once these structural tasks are done, you won’t need to revisit these types of improvements for a long time.


What difference does hardware make?


When you look at the homes on Architectural Digest, you probably notice the layout, furnture and wall to floor décor. What you may not notice is how all the various elements are tied together. It’s the metallic elements embellished in the architectural structure that unify themes.


Door furniture and accessories that feature a cohesive style and matching finish can transform spaces from bland and unplanned to stylish and attentive. Our aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and efficient solutions for doors speak volumes about your attention to detail in interior design. By matching the finish off your door handles with your door hinges, locks, escutcheons and accessories, you will create effortless harmony in your design approach. This is essential for chic maximalist style as it requires a balance between eclecticism and carefully-thought out design.


Satin Brass Knurled Door Handles on Rose
3 Lever Mortice Sash Lock 76mm / 57mm Polished Brass


If fitting new interior doors or replacing the furniture on your existing door, then take a moment to consider your ideal metallic finishes. Warm gold tones and the rich pigment of copper can turn up the visual thermal comfort of a room whilst cool-tone chrome, stainless steel and black finishes offer a sense of calm.


Are you in need of something chic to style up your home this year? Our newly added and existing hardware will instantly upgrade the look of any living space. With a focus on unique designs, contemporary finishes and comfortable qualities, our products are perfect for all architectural styles and interior tastes. From door handles on rose to kitchen cupboard handles, these fresh, trendy, high-quality pieces are worth your attention.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blogs and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!