Dark, Daring and Divine Living Rooms

Interior designers, like Abigail Ahern, suggest that dark interiors look and feel more interesting. There’s an element of sophistication with dark tones that is often seen emphasised with pops of colour, varying textures and striking finishes in home interiors.


Black walls are incredibly fashionable. They’re dark, daring and different to the safe option of neutral and grey colour schemes that many homeowners are choosing for their living rooms. We frequently see bloggers sharing their thoughts on dark interiors, specifically their fear towards taking the leap to make such a bold statement in their homes.


You can certainly incorporate moodier hues without committing to big home improvement projects. Instead of paints, try darkening the vibe of your living room with furnishings and home accessories.


Updating Furnishings


Deep tone sofas are a popular choice for homeowners looking to make a statement with moody hues. Admired for their durability, dark shades of brown, grey, black, blue and green bring a cosy and comforting feel to living spaces. An easy, time saving option to transform the overall appearance of a space is to update with darker coloured furnishings. Take inspiration from your sofa and weave in shades that either match your suite exactly or range on the shade spectrum. This may include cushions, rugs, throws and artwork wall hangings.


Emerald green interiors are trending within the interior design sphere. Renowned for its divine opulence when styled with copper metallic finishes, this shade is a must-do for daring designers. Emerald green furnishings effortlessly complement dark wooden furniture such as cabinets, drawers and tables as well as dark laminate or authentic wooden flooring.



Metallic Finishes


Comparable to the way that jewellery completes an outfit, metallic finishes in hardware and homeware unite all the elements together within an interior. Update dark wooden cabinets and drawers with the rich, warm hue of copper. Offering a touch of luxury with its diamond-cut knurled texture, our knurled drawer knobs add depth and charm with a hint of industrial ambience.


For a cohesive aesthetic, coordinate the copper finish in your home accessories and door furniture. The contemporary style of our deluxe knurled door handles in copper finish appear striking embellished on timber doors. The key to curated styling is to unify themes to ultimately create something beautiful and easy on the eye.


Alternatively, cabinet knobs in a matte black finish can help maintain the depth of darker coloured furnishings. Our high-quality knurled cabinet and drawer knobs are easy to install, which makes updating existing furniture simple. Follow our recommendation on unifying themes and coordinating the finish of these knobs with your door furniture and home accessories.


Matte black also looks great with high-shine finishes and elements. Mix your metallics by featuring door furniture in polished chrome finish with varying decorative pieces in copper, matte black and chrome.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blogs and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!