Discover Minimalism

Too busy and can’t find the time or space to unwind? Why not consider minimalism? Minimalism is quite simply mind over matter; declutter your home to declutter your mind. Surely this is a worthy consideration in our busy modern lives?


Tip 1 IconPractical and Organised

So where do you start? It is important to first consider your essentials and not give up any of your well-earned luxuries. Remember that Minimalism is not about living frugally in a bare and empty space. It is about creating practical and organised surroundings tailored to suit your lifestyle! It is also a great way of showcasing the luxury items you have, so they don’t just get lost in the background! If you really want to make a feature, think calming whitewashed walls paired with striking black door handles and light fittings, softened with the introduction of plants in matching black pots.


Tip 2 IconMinimalist Concepts

Nowadays we live in a busy and disposable society, with material goods having more emphasis in our lives than they ever would have done in the past. With the increased use of electronic communication devices in the last decade, our ‘me’ time is rapidly diminishing. Of course, it would be unrealistic to simply just remove all modern technology from our homes, but if you would appreciate some quality time out in which to relax and unwind each day, a dedicated relaxation space inspired by Minimalist concepts could be invaluable to create the calm and tranquil space you desire.


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