DIY Inspiration for the Winter

With Autumn now in full flow it is important to prepare for the colder months ahead. Read on for our top tips on how to ensure your home stays warm and weather-tight this Winter.


Tip 1 IconWindow and Door Sealant

It is a good idea to check the sealant on your windows and doors, as any small gaps can lead to cold draughts within your home. It is relatively cheap and easy to re-touch the sealant on your windows and doors and with home DIY kits being readily available on the market, this could save you having to pay extra towards heating costs to compensate for any loss of heat this could cause. It may also be worth adding some graphite lubricant to your external door hardware to ensure it doesn’t become too stiff to operate in the cold weather.


Tip 2 IconInspect your Roof

It is essential to ensure your home stays water-tight during the winter months. Consider checking your roof for loose or missing tiles, so you can address any potential issues quickly. It is also advisable to check your loft space to ensure no water has leaked from the roof. Should you find any issues with your roof then contact a professional to carry out repairs, but carrying out these simple checks could be invaluable in preventing larger issues occurring at a later stage. Once you are satisfied that your roof is in a good condition you may even consider improving the insulation in your loft space too.



Tip 3 IconBleed your Radiators

This is possibly the most simple yet effective way to instantly maximise the heat potential within your home. The purpose of bleeding your radiator is to release any air that may have built up, to ensure that heat distributes evenly when your radiator is turned on. Once you have done this you will be sure to notice a difference throughout your home.


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