Door Decorations for New Year Parties

With the New Year approaching fast, and many of us looking forward to the countdown and celebrations, it’s time that our Christmas parties should have been planned and out the way ready for us to move on to our New Year’s party arrangements. We’ll leave it up to you to decide on the bites and beverages you’ll be serving up, but thought we’d provide some fun ideas on door decorations for your New Year celebrations.


Tip 1 IconCocktail Umbrella Wreath

Making a big entrance, and certainly our favourite door decoration for New Year parties is the umbrella door wreath. A vast array of brightly coloured or even polka dot cocktail umbrellas can be used to create an unusual yet stylish wreath to hang on your front door. All you’ll need is an oasis ring (floral foam) and several packs of fancy coloured cocktail umbrellas. Open them up and poke them into the floral foam one at a time creating layers of beautiful colours.


Tip 2 IconMetallic Stars or Stripes

A decorative idea that costs as little as a roll of tin foil, simply cut out some stars or stripes (not both together unless you’re from the USA) and stick them to your front door. Unlike the flag diagonal stripes look best, so make sure to cut them at a length that will cover the full width of your door when hung at a 45 degree angle. Another tip that will save some time is to cut the stripes wide enough (15-20cm) so only 10 or so stripes are needed to cover the full height of the door.



Tip 3 IconMetallic Door Streamers

A door decoration that can be made at home although cheaper and easier to buy, are metallic door streamers. Hung from the top of the door, metallic streamers are available in numerous colours and patterns that will give you a curtain of glimmer dazzling your guests on arrival.


Tip 4 IconParty Poppers

Creating a big bang, party poppers are more fun than a decoration but certainly worth a mention as we get busy making arrangements for New Year parties. Not for the faint hearted or elderly guests, tape party poppers to the door frame with the pull strings taped to the door, when the handles turned and the door comes open your guest will get showered with streamers.


If you’re running behind and still to put up the Christmas decorations, then read our article on 6 simple and creative Christmas decorations.