Finding Your First Home

The world of first time home buying is both an exciting and daunting process. Check out our top tips on how best to prepare for finding your perfect home!


Tip 1 IconBudget

It may seem obvious, but it is important to establish your budget before you start your property search! If you are buying your first home with a mortgage then it is important to gain a realistic understanding of how your savings translate to the amount you can borrow, so you can establish which properties to view.


Tip 2 IconRequirements

It is important to consider your requirements and make a clear definition between those that are essential and preferred. This way you can save time on unnecessary viewings and make a confident decision on whether you wish to proceed with a property. Location, number of bedrooms and parking requirements are a good starting point when compiling your list.


Perhaps your dream home is a four-bed house in the suburbs, but it is often not always realistic to achieve this with your first home. Consider how many rooms you need, the maximum radius you can search from work and if public transport links or a driveway would be more beneficial to you.


Tip 3 IconViewing

Once you have determined your requirements you are ready to view! It is advisable to approach viewings with a realistic yet open mind. You may not like the current décor in any of the houses you view, but re-decorating your home is often a quick fix and a large part of the fun!


Repainting the walls, updating door handles and light fittings are all little things you can change as and when you can afford to. If you are looking for a larger renovation project however then make sure you have thoroughly researched the costs and time that may be associated with any work that will be carried out, as you need to ensure that you will have the time and budget to achieve your goals!


Tip 4 IconReflect

It is advisable to attend a few different viewings in order to establish the current market values and it may be that you need to view a few properties before you decide on proceeding with a particular property. You may even find after having viewed a few homes that you need to compromise on your preferences in order to fit your budget, but don’t let this taint your experience as getting onto the property ladder is both a big achievement and an exciting new phase in your life!


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