Get the Art Deco Look

With Art Deco having recently made a swift come back, what can we do to introduce this high fashion look into our own homes? The Art Deco movement was founded in Paris in the earliest 20th century and quickly spread in popularity. It has also maintained a high level of popularity across the globe for many years since. Art Deco is characteristically comprised of bold geometric designs married with the vibrant colours we often associate with the continent. You can see the influence of the early Parisian architecture in the line work that prevails within this popular style. The Eiffel Tower (Paris), and the more recent Chrysler building (New York City) are both a fantastic example of the industrial style designs that are inherent to the Art Deco movement.


Art deco is a fantastic way to add maximum impact into a relatively muted space, with feature pieces being used to inject dramatic effect into the room. Be sure to choose your feature pieces carefully, to ensure that they are show cased and do not draw attention away from one another. Choose a bold geometric print for your curtains, for example and tie in with add a coordinating painting to a blank wall to complement the look.


Simplicity really is key when putting this look together and colours are a great way to effectively coordinate the Art Deco look in your home. Black and rose gold is currently a popular combination that will create a striking focal point within your room and will complement the Art Deco style perfectly. Why not pair your geometric curtains with a striking black curtain pole and black door handles to complete the look? Think the American Radiator Building (New York City), with its powerful and striking stance, or the Carbide & Carbon building (Chicago) for its majestic elegance.


The Art Deco look can also be incorporated into glass works and decorative radiator grilles within your home. If you are lucky enough to have some original Art Deco style windows or radiator grilles in your home, you could use them as the feature piece from which to draw your influence for the rest of your space. The tip of the Boston Avenue Methodist Church (Oklahoma) is a fantastic example featuring intricate Art Deco glass works.


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