Glam Your Home Like a Blogger

Inspiration is plentiful on the internet and if you're anything like us, you already have a list of daily home DIY and interior design reads that keep your creativity levels up! But figuring out what your home should look like (think style, time, and of course budget), is an entirely different story.


There’s no better way to start your home improvements or updates than by creating a Pinterest mood board and pinning all your favourite interior design images and blogger photos to it. This can be your archive of every bedroom, bathroom and kitchen you’ve ever daydreamed of residing in!


The next step to get started with your home updates is to research and read a few blogs on your favourite styles of interior that you know are achievable! (Hint: We’ve got loads of interior tips and tricks about all the different home design styles!) These articles will give you an idea of how and ‘where-in-the-world’ to begin the transformation process!


Tip 1 IconDon’t be Fooled!

Remember: One thing home-design bloggers love to do is post perfect photos! These images are often staged to look flawless with no clothes on the bed and no shoes scattered across the floor, no crease in the duvet and definitely no snacks peaking out of the bedside drawer! Now look past the perfection and pick out what elements about the room that you like. Is it the colour scheme? Blend of textures? Or perhaps the way the metallic accents have been fused together?


Tip 2 IconCopper and Rose Gold

This year it’s all about fresh, natural materials, such as copper, concrete and stone that bring an organic and peaceful quality to any space. Bloggers are flaunting their copper interiors, blending elements of the hue in kitchen appliances, furniture, lighting fixtures and architectural hardware… it’s all in the details with this trend!


This rich, warm and metallic hue is often referred to as ‘rose gold’ and a simple way to begin the copper transformation in your home is to start with smaller accent pieces then build up to the larger features. Switch out your old door furniture and replace it with fresh, new door handles featuring a polished copper finish. Merging traditional and contemporary design, copper door handles strike the perfect balance between elegance and strength.


Complement the copper aesthetic by integrating a matching bathroom turn and release onto your bathroom doors and if you’re DIY savvy; install the corresponding copper door hinges too! Replace your old drawer and cupboard handles with copper cup handles to continue the cohesiveness of the metallic accents.


Once you’ve started embellishing the copper glow into your furniture, you can then begin to incorporate additional copper home accessories and decorative items such as lamps, mirrors and storage sets. Make the glamourous hue truly stand out by keeping the rest of your interior white and simple!



Tip 3 IconLuxe Revival

In recent years, luxe has become a buzzword in the interior design bubble. Bloggers are loving this style as Luxe best describes fabrics and furniture pieces that exude pure decadence. The key colour scheme in this trend includes dusty rose, burnished gold and natural clay earth pigments with plenty of velvet, marble, brass and fur textures. Statement minimalist lightning is an essential feature in blogger shots with plenty of decorative geometric outlines and Art Deco rounded shapes.


This interior style is all about luxury as the elements ooze class and eclectic sophistication! It’s the perfect setting for drinking gin and we’re expecting to see more of this trend as soon as Autumn rolls around. Knurled drawer knobs in luxury satin brass finish are the perfect feature in luxe revival interiors and so simple to install! Check out the Quick Tricks to Upgrade Your Drawers blog to get the ball rolling on your home transformation!


Tip 4 IconRefined Glamour

As the name suggests, this home decor trend refers to an interior of understated elegance. It’s noticeably less glossy than some of the other glamour trends and more sophisticated with its subtle hints and qualities.


Characterised by opulence, this interior trend is HOT in the home design blogger sphere as the general colour palette features plenty of grey tones, blush pinks and neutrals with pewter finish as the statement feature in light fixtures, decorative pieces and hardware.


If this is the style you love, start by stripping back your current interior and focus your colour scheme on various grey tones and blush pink. Update your cabinet drawers with smoky pewter cup handles, hand forged from iron for a rustic yet understated glamourous appearance.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blogs and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!