Home Interior Design Tips

Modernising furniture and ornaments to improve your homes interior can be an intimidating task, let along knowing where to begin. If you’re new to interior design and looking to give your home a makeover then you needn’t worry, our 12 home interior design tips will help you along the way, describing the items of furniture that can be easy to replace.


Tip 1 IconInspiring Ideas

Inspirational ideas don’t appear from thin air, look online and in magazines, collecting images of home interiors that bring inspiration. When the time comes and you’re ready to modernise the room refer back to the images you’ve collected.


Tip 2 IconSize Matters

Home interiors look best when not cluttered with furniture and ornaments. Before buying more, try rearranging your existing furniture or use a paper template to see if the new furnishings you’re hoping to buy will work in the space you have available.


Tip 3 IconClutter Free

Keeping your home tidy and free of clutter is not always easy, but an important part of creating an inviting and attractive home interior. Use chests and storage boxes to hide items that are cluttering the room. The beauty with storage chests are that they are available in such a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles they’re a piece of furniture in their own right.


Tip 4 IconBoudoir

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a palace and even then, the main feature and focal point of a bedroom will always be the bed. A simple, easy and affordable change is to update the quilt cover and bed linin, adding modern cushions and a colourful throw to create a luxurious appearance.


Tip 5 IconIlluminate

There’s more to home lighting than meets the eye, following a well thought through lighting plan for each room will create stunning focal points out of your wall art or other works of art and ornaments within the room. Your thoughts should begin with the natural light that the room attracts, adding to this using a combination of stand lamps, table lamps and candles to create an attractive and enticing lighting plan.


Tip 6 IconDoor Furniture

Updating your interior door furniture is another great way of modernising your home, and whichever model you select from our large range of modern door handles they’re sure to transform your doors and room in style.


Tip 7 IconAccessorize

Soft furnishings including cushions, throws and rugs are a quick, inexpensive and luxurious technique of refreshing your home interior. Colourful candles also work well, bringing a sense of warmth and calm to your room design.


Tip 8 IconWall Art

Wall art, whether framed or not will add to the room, although positioning is key in ensuring the art looks its best. Make sure pictures are hung at eye level so that you and your guests are naturally looking straight at them when standing, groups of framed photography or art can also be look very attractive. Keep the large pictures for spacious, empty walls and smaller pieces where they can be viewed up close.


Tip 9 IconLooking Glass 

Mirrors are a great way of giving the illusion that the room is more spacious than it really is, whilst directing light around the room. Similar to artwork, mirrors can create an interesting centrepiece.


Tip 10 IconFloor Covering

Rugs are a great way of dividing large open rooms into smaller areas that can be used for different furniture, for example a sitting area and dining area. Approaching this without any thought however can have undesirable results, try to use rugs that complement each other, in size, colour and style.


Tip 11 IconFloral Features

Plants and freshly cut flowers bring a wealth of life and colour to your home, although of course not for long if you forget to water them! If you’re away from home a lot or simply don’t want to add to your long list of chores, then faux plants and flowers are the solution.


Tip 12 IconVaricoloured Vases

If plants and flowers aren’t your thing or you’d just like to try something a little different, then clear glass vases, dishes and bowls filled with varicoloured ceramic beads or vibrant glass pebbles are an attractive and stylish alternative.


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