Home Security Solutions

With the average number of working hours increasing and our homes being unoccupied for extended periods of time, it is important to put additional security measures into place to keep your home safe and secure. Here are our top tips on how to keep your home safe.


Tip 1 IconExternal Security Lights

Security lighting is a fantastic addition to any home and acts as a powerful deterrent for burglars, who will think twice about entering your property in full view of the street. With many solutions available on the market, including budget friendly and easy install versions!


Tip 2 IconBurglar Alarm

Should anyone break into your property a burglar alarm could prove invaluable as it alerts your neighbours of disruption and should help to startle an intruder, encouraging them to leave your property before further attention is brought to their presence.



Tip 3 IconSecurity Cameras

Both internal and external security cameras can help to deter burglars, but for some people, internal cameras in particular can feel a little intrusive. If this is the case for you then why not consider signing up to your local neighbourhood watch? Nosy neighbours can be a fantastic deterrent to any undesirables monitoring your property.


Tip 4 IconSmart Systems

Smart systems are a fantastic way to disguise the fact that you are away from home. There are many smart solutions available on the market, which allow you to activate your lighting and other electronic devices remotely. For those who don’t have this feature, electronic timers can provide a great solution for those who work away from home frequently, giving the illusion of the house being occupied.


Tip 5 IconDoor Locks

Of course your house is only as secure as you make it, so it is worth checking that the door locks you have installed onto your doors reach the recommended levels of security. The more secure your locks are, the less likely an intruder is to gain access to your home.


We hope our top tips help to improve the security of your home. For more ideas why not check out our previous blog, Smart and Simple Security.