How to Assemble Flat Pack Furniture

Flat pack furniture is a great way to reinvent your interior without a hefty price tag, but it does require a little patience and perseverance before its ready to take centre stage in your home. Check out our top three tips on how to approach assembling flat pack furniture.


Tip 1 IconCheck the Contents

First locate the instructions and list of contents. Check that you have received all of the parts listed within and keep any small components such as screws and bolts safe, to ensure they are not misplaced! Next read the instructions to work out which tools you will need and gain an understanding of how your flat pack needs to be assembled.


Tip 2 IconPrepare

Lay down dust sheets in your workspace and make sure that your tools have been positioned close to hand. Where possible try to set up as close to where the completed item will be situated, as this will prevent you from having to move it too far once assembled.



Tip 3 IconDon’t Deviate

It is important not to take a lackadaisical approach to assembling flat pack furniture. While it may be tempting to ‘wing it’, it is important to make sure you follow each step of the instructions carefully or you may end up with having to take it apart to start again!


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