How to Build a Garden Gate

If your garden gate is damaged beyond repair, discard of it and build yourself a brand new one! Make the job a little easier and buy a pre-pack softwood gate kit, then all you need is a few extra items to complete the build of the gate. If you’re feeling up to the task, read on for our DIY tips on how to build a garden gate..


For this task you will need: screwdriver, saw, hammer, nail, punch, wood glue, measuring tape, pencil.


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The first step is to determine the width of the gate. Cut the bottom rail to this width and the top rail 14cm shorter. Position the bottom rail in the cut-outs in the hinge and latch posts. Make sure that the rail ends are flush with the post edges.


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Secure the rails with the screws provided. Position the end of the top rail that has drilled pilot holes between the hinge and latch posts. Then screw through the holes in the posts to secure the rail at each end.


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Lay the assembly on the cross brace, then mark the pointed shape at each end using a pencil. Then, mark the position of the cross brace on the top and bottom rail. The bottom end of the cross brace must always be on the side of the post where the hinge sits.


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Cut carefully along the pencil lines. Apply wood glue to the marked areas on the top and bottom rails, then reposition the cross brace. .


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Place the vertical slats on the assembly and space out as required. Mark the position of each slat with faint pencil lines on the top and bottom rail and the cross brace, then remove the slats.


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Apply wood glue to the marked areas, reposition each slat and attach the nails. Use a nail punch to drive the nail heads below the surface. Wipe away excess glue and let dry.


Once your gate has been erected, you can paint it in any colour of your choice! To complete the look of your garden gate, we offer a high-quality selection of gate furniture which has everything you need to operate a gate and secure you garden and shed. Our garden gate bolts with padlock security are the perfect choice for those who require an additional measure of property security. Available in zinc plated and epoxy black finish in bolt measurements of 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. Discover our full range of gate furniture.


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