How to Fit a Curtain Pole

If you have repainted your room and just need to add those final few touches to your interior, then getting your curtains back up is a must to redress your room! Check out our top three tips on how to fit a curtain pole!


Tip 1 IconCheck Measurements

First measure the width of your window and allow enough space either side of the aperture to draw your curtains away from the window, to optimise the potential of natural light flowing into your room when your curtains are open. When fitting, it is advisable to position your curtain pole a good distance above the window recess to reduce leakage of external light when your curtains are closed.


Tip 2 IconCheck Specifications

Where possible it is best to try and install a curtain pole made from one length, for a smooth and unrestricted action when drawing your curtains. If however you have a large window or bay window and need to install it in two or more lengths, it is advisable to consider the positioning and functionality of any additional brackets required to conceal and support the joints. If the join will not sit centrally you may find that your bracket restricts the movement of your curtains.


Clothes Rail Pole for Wardrobes 19mm by 3ft Tube
Wardrobe Rail Bracket Centre Fixing for 19mm Hanging Rail


Tip 3 IconCurtain Pole

Curtain poles are available in a range of different colours and finishes and can be supplied with either decorative finials or end caps for a minimalist appeal. Consider the colours and shapes you wish to extenuate within your space when choosing your curtain pole, to achieve a harmonious space. If you have rounded mortice door knobs for example, ball finials can be a great way to echo this shape. If however you have a monochrome interior then a black curtain pole could be the perfect solution to dress your space.


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