How to Fit a Doorbell

Replacing your doorbell is the obvious solution if your old one has broken or sounding like a chirping bird with a sore throat, and once installed it provides your visitors with an easy way to notify you of their arrival. More pleasant than a loud knock at the door that makes you jump or the chirpy bird with a sore throat, modern doorbells are relatively cheap while easy and perfectly safe for DIY enthusiasts to fit as long as the correct precautions are taken.


The first thing you should do to ensure your safety whilst installing the doorbell is to disable the electricity. Once you have isolated the power going to the old doorbell and chime box, use a circuit tester to double check.


Next you will need to remove the old doorbell switch. Remove the cover, which on most models will usually clip on and off, then use a screwdriver to remove the fixing screws that hold the switch to the wall. Pull the switch away from the wall so that you can access the wiring connectors with a screwdriver and disconnect them. Use electrical tape to hold the wires down to the edge of the opening in the exterior wall to prevent them sliding back inside.


Next take the new switch and remove the cover, connecting the existing wires to the positive and negative connections with the casing. After you are sure the wires are firming connected to the correct terminals attach the switch to the wall using the fixing screws provided and slide over the new cover.


Now that you have replaced the doorbell switch it’s time to remove the old chime box. Use a screwdriver to remove the casing screws, or un-clip the cover and loosen off the fixing screws that are holding the box to the wall. Label the wiring with masking tape tags or draw a wiring diagram so you are sure to reconnect them to the correct connections on the new chime box.


After you have labelled the wires, you are ready to remove the already loosened fixing screws and take the chime box away from the surface. Disconnect the wires and use electrical tape to secure them to the wall surface, preventing them from been pulled back into the hole.


Open the cover on the new chimes and feed the wires through the hole(s) on the back plate and along to the connection blocks. Wrap the ends of each wire around the connectors or push them into the blocks and screw tight the holding screws ensuring that the wires are running to the correct connections from the labelling or wiring diagram you made earlier.


Once all wires are connected, fit the new chime box to the wall using the screws provided. Once securely mounted on the wall or ceiling slide over the front cover either screwing it or clipping it into place.


Now that you have replaced the old chime box and switch you can turn the electricity back on and test the doorbell. Push the switch and if you hear the chime you have completed the installation successfully. If you do not hear anything then turn off the power and check the wires are attached to the correct connections.


This article is a guide to fitting replacement doorbells only and should not replace the installation instructions provided with your new doorbell.


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