How to Fit a Skirting Board in 10 Steps

Skirting comes in a range of widths, sizes and materials and is designed to ensure a neat finish as it covers the joint between the interior wall surface and the floor. Skirting boards also protect walls from damage such as accidental knocks, scuffs and scrapes. To help you with your DIY home improvements, here’s our guide on how to fit a skirting board in ten steps!


For this task, you will need: a pipe and cable detector, your trimmed skirting boards, an electric drill, a 6mm drill bit, PVA glue, flexible decorators caulk and a cartridge gun.


Once your skirting boards are trimmed correctly and ready for fitting, it's time to fix them into place.


Tip 1 IconCheck that the wall is clear of hidden pipes and electric cables before starting your installation. A pipe and cable detector will be required for this step preliminary step.


Tip 2 IconApply a generous amount of grab adhesive to the side of the skirting board that you will be sticking.


Tip 3 IconWith a steady hand, push the skirting board up against the wall and secure it into place.


Tip 4 IconFor a masonry wall, use a 6mm drill bit on the skirting board. A measurement of 50mm from the end of the wall and a position of 25mm from the top and bottom of the skirting is recommended for drilling. Drilling countersunk holes will ensure that the screws are well hidden.


Tip 5 IconInsert a 6mm wall plug and an 8 gauge screw then secure it in place until the head of the screw is embedded within the skirting board.


Tip 6 IconTo secure the external joint, apply PVA glue to the surface of the skirting board width. PVA glue will not be required for fitting internal joints.


Tip 7 IconLine the gap between the wall and the skirting board with flexible decorators caulk and a cartridge gun.


Tip 8 IconConceal the fixing holes by filling the countersunk screw holes with the flexible decorators caulk.


Tip 9 IconSand down the skirting board surface so that’s its prepped for painting.


Tip 10 IconProtect your skirting board and door by fitting a door stop to the newly fitted skirting board. Our selection of high-quality stainless steel door stops accommodate all interior styles and spaces. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, our durable door stop range is the most affordable online!


Top Tip: If ever in doubt and need more information on how to fit a skirting board, follow the manufacturer's instructions or call a professional carpenter to fit the skirting boards.


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