How to Fit Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Updating your kitchen cabinet doors and handles can instantly give your kitchen a whole new vibe! For tips on how to fit kitchen cabinet doors, follow our DIY step by step guide.


Kitchen cupboards usually come in a standard size however, it’s important to check the measurement so that you fit cupboard doors that are accurate in size.


For this task you will need: a drill and drill bit, pencil, screwdriver, cupboard hinges and woodscrews, new kitchen cupboard doors and new cupboard handles.


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To start the removal of your existing cupboard doors, detach the hinge from the hinge backplate by simply loosening the screw at the back of the backplate. Start with the bottom hinge to help support the weight of the door and repeat the process for the top hinge. The hinge will then easily slide or lift off. If the hinge looks as though it has a clip on fix, all you need to do is press the release button on the back and it will detach from the backplate.


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Separate the hinge from the door by unfastening the screws. If you’re planning to reuse these cupboard hinges, ensure to set them safely aside.


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For your new cupboard door, you will need to use a drill bit that’s suitable for use on wood. Place a scrap piece of wood behind your new cupboard door to ensure a nice clean exit. Begin drilling and keep your fingers away at a safe distance. Place the hinge into the new fixing hole on the back of the door.


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To fix the new hinges to the cupboard door, simply push the round part of the hinge on the circular recess. Secure it with screws using a screwdriver. Check that the hinge is fitted level; the arm of the hinge should sit at a right-angle to the edge of the door.


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Once the hinges have been secured to the cupboard door, you will need to fix the hinge backplate to the inside of the kitchen unit. If the fixing holes don’t line up with your new hinges, measure and pencil mark the new position for each hinge backplate and drill new holes.


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The hinge backplate can now be fitted with fixing screws. Attach the top hinge first sliding or clipping the hinge onto the backplate. Follow this step for the bottom hinge. Turn the hinge adjustment screws if required to eliminate any gaps between the door and the unit.


The installation of your new kitchen cabinet doors should now be complete. Continue your kitchen updates by fitting new cupboard handles to match your décor. We offer many attractive designs and finishes to suit your interior style whilst adding a touch of beauty to any new cupboard. Our high-quality selection of cupboard handles, and knobs includes T Bar, Cup and Designer styles in popular finishes like copper, chrome, matte black and brass. Discover more in our Cupboard Handle category.


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