How to Fit Kitchen Cupboard Handles

Did you know that great interior design is all about curating a space rather than just decorating it? That means using visual elements that complement each other, from colour scheme to texture and materials. To maintain a modern and fresh looking kitchen, you need only make small, occasional changes. Updating decorative features and furniture embellishments, such as cupboard handles, can offer a significant impact to an interior’s aesthetic!


In this blog we’ll discuss how to simply update kitchen cupboard handles while offering advice on suitable colour palettes for the different handle finishes.


The removal and installation of handles to your kitchen cupboards need not be a difficult task. It’s actually pretty simple! With the right tools, time and understanding of the process you’ll be able to complete this activity without the hefty costs of recruiting a fitting professional! The key items you will need for this task include a measuring tape, screwdriver and of course the cupboard handles themselves.




If you’re wondering whether the predrilled holes in your kitchen cupboards are correct, be aware that there are no set rules for positioning the handles as long as you and other users can operate them comfortably. We offer a range of centre measurements to suit the needs of all our customers. This way you can choose the handles most suitable for your kitchen cupboards and drawers.


Before ordering your handles, open the doors and measure the distance between the existing fixings on your handles, the distance in between equals the centre measurement. Take note of this value and feel confident when ordering your new cupboard handles. Our selection of handle centre measurements ranges from 64mm to 640mm with many options in between!


At this stage, you may also decide on your preferred material and finish. Our selection of finishes offers a variety to suit all interior styles, from modern to traditional.




D shaped kitchen door handles in polished stainless steel are exceptionally high quality with a budget-friendly price. They are easy to operate due to the 40mm projection and can be featured within any interior design as they embody the ideal modern finishing touch.


The warm bronze hues of copper are trending in interior design! The shade offers a stylish industrial aesthetic, appearing striking when weaved into rooms with either dominant white aspects or dark palettes. Think white walls and minimalism and on the other hand, dramatic dark decor schemes. Statements are made with copper accessories and what better way to exaggerate this trend than by complementing these room shades with copper kitchen appliances and polished copper hardware. The colour palette and chromatic appeal of copper cabinet knobs and handles can be effortlessly laced into any interior. Check out our popular range of kitchen cupboard handles for some inspiration for your kitchen refurb!


Once your new handles have arrived, take a screwdriver and begin the unscrewing process of each handle. If you’re new to the DIY scene, just remember - righty-tighty and lefty-loosey! Next, open the cupboard handle packaging and begin working your way through the installation process. Once all handles are fitted, take a step back and admire the great job that you’ve done!


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blog Love Sleep with Bedroom Interior Design!