How to Fit New Double Doors

There are many things you can do to add to the value of your property but a popular remodelling job adding elegance to your room is fitting new double doors. Not only does it add value but brings a modern feel to your home when the right doors are used, what’s more you don’t have to bring in a carpenter to do it for you as fitting interior double doors is something most DIY enthusiasts can accomplish if they have several hours and the right tools.


The first step before you go and buy new double doors is to measure the existing doors and frame to ensure you have space. The space for the new doors should be 2.50 cm wider and 1.20 cm taller than the frame. Also make sure that the new door jamb that you buy to replace the existing one is the correct size. Standard size jambs are available in widths of 10.50 cm to 13.80 cm.


After you have returned home with your new double doors, frame, door handles and any other items of door furniture you required, it’s time to fit the new frame into the wall. Push the frame into place, bottom first, tilting it up and pulling the top inwards into position making sure the jamb is flush with the wall.


Once the door frame is in place, make sure the top of the door frame is level using a spirit or bubble level as some people call them. Once you’re sure its level, secure it using nails that are no less than 3.80 cm (1 ½ inch), evenly spacing them over the full width of the frame. If nailing straight into brick then similar length masonry nails will be needed.


After the top of the frame is securely in place hold the spirit level on one side of the door frame and use wooden wedges or shims as there known between the wall and the frame until you achieve a level or exactly straight (plumb) side. Once aligned use 6.50 cm (2 ½ inch) nails to secure the side of the frame in place. Drive the nails through the door frame and wedges into the wall stud at three locations, top, centre and bottom. Once complete repeat this process of leveling and securing the door frame on the other side.


Fit new door hinges to the doors and hang them onto the frame, operate the doors making sure they swing open and shut without dragging or scuffing, checking that they are level and when shut they stay closed with a small even gap between them and the door frame. Next fit the new interior door handles to the doors and check functionality once again.


After you are satisfied that the new double doors and door furniture have been fitted successfully you will need to fill and redecorate the area around the new door frame.


If fitting a singular door you may find our article detailing 6 tips for fitting new interior doors helpful.