How to Fit Swing Doors

Fitting swing doors or saloon doors as they are referred to cowboys and cowgirls, between your dining room and kitchen will add a touch of Western character to your home. Swinging doors also partially separate your rooms, concealing unsightly washing up whilst entertaining and at the same time allowing for easy access from either side of the door. Of course swing doors can be installed between any rooms you choose, they are easy to fit, and all you will need is a few basic tools, a helper and the swing doors and door hardware of course.


The first step is to make sure you purchase the correct size swing doors for the door way, opening you have. To do this measure the internal width from one side to the other. When shopping for swing doors, note there are types that are hung directly to the wall or within your door frame or others where by wooden pillars would be used attached to wall either side of the doors.


Once you’ve got the doors home, finish tthem with your choice of stain, paint, varnish or wax. Leave the doors to thoroughly dry before they are hung.


Mark the position of the double action spring door hinges on the hinge side of the doors. Fit the door hinges using suitable wood screws, and stand the doors up within the opening or door frame. With a little help from a friend, position the doors at the correct height and using a spirt level ensure the doors are level before marking the hinge positions on the wall or framing.


Pre-drill pilot holes for for the screws that willl be attaching the hinges to the door frame or wall and with your helper holding the first of the swing doors in place attach the door hinges to the frame. Tighten all screws on all of the hinges and move on to fitting the next door.


Once both doors are fitted, check they are securely hung and that they swing open and shut from both directions without crashing into each other.


Most double action spring hinges allow adjusting of the tension and some allow for level adjustment, depending on the spring hinges purchased make any necessary adjustments until the desired tension and level is achieved.



Double action spring hinges for use on swing doors are high tension spring loaded hinges that will pinch your fingers if given the chance, use caution during installation.


Don’t over tension your swing door hinges, this can lead to dangerously fast swing doors and hinge fittings working loose.


If you’re unsure of the screws you should use, read this article on how to choose woodscrews.