How to Furnish a Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens can offer a fantastic amount of work surface space making them ideal for the keen cook, but with limited floor space you need to consider the overall design of your room carefully to ensure your kitchen does not end up feeling claustrophobic and enclosed.


Tip 1 IconChoose Your Units

Where possible install light coloured units to give the illusion of a larger surface area. Gloss surfaces are also a fantastic way to create the illusion of a larger space as they help to bounce light around the room. Carefully consider how much cupboard space you need, as you could opt to install slimline units to maximise on floor space, but be confident that you have enough storage space if you do this as the installation of additional freestanding units at a later date may leave your room feeling even shorter on space.


Tip 2 IconConsider Your accessories

In a galley kitchen it can be difficult to find the space to introduce accessories to personalise your space. Take your time to select the essential details like your kitchen cupboard handles and splashback, as these items will ultimately become the focal point in your room. If you have a particularly long room it may even be worth considering incorporating a dining/breakfast area at the end of the room to break up the linear structure of the units and create the illusion of a wider space.


Tip 3 IconSelect Your Colour Scheme

Where possible use light and neutral shades of colour in large areas. Although bold colours are a fantastic way to add warmth and put your own stamp on a room, they can often make a limited space feel smaller. Lighting is a fantastic alternative to add an increased sense of warmth into your space and any additional lighting can prove to be an extremely useful addition to your kitchen. Additional lighting can be installed underneath your kitchen cupboards and ceiling lights swapped for spot lights to provide an increased sense of warmth into your space.


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